How to Use Drones in Colleges

The use of drones in colleges is frequent these days. Many institutions use drones for creative videography, security and other educational purposes. Using drones is dangerous if a proper procedure isn’t followed. Some steps on how to operate a drone must be discussed in detail to ensure safe flying.

What is a drone

A drone is an aircraft which has no pilot in itself and is remotely flown and operated by someone in a safe place. The pilot is responsible for navigation; which is hand-held, and a live video feed from the is drone is displayed and recorded. Different types of drones record videos of different quality and depth. The range of a drone is the main factor that differentiates a drone from another. To better understand the use of drones, Perfect Essay and other writing services have various articles that explain the mechanics and specifications of various types of drones. Future Farmers of America (FFA) is responsible for the registration of drones and other aircrafts. If a drone weighs more than 0.55 pounds, it must be registered by the FFA for flying proposes.

Basic Flying Controls for Karma - GoPro Support Hub

Practice in Drone Controls

Flying a drone for the first time can be intimidating. Multiple technical dimensions in drone control can easily confuse a novice user. Following are the main drone controls that you must be familiar with while flying.

  1. Roll:  The art of moving the right stick on the remote to the right or left; this manoeuvres the drone in different directions.
  2. Pitch:  The art of moving the right stick forwards or backwards, creating a to and fro motion for the drone. 
  3. Yaw: To change the drone’s direction while flying, move the left stick left or right. This rotates the drone.
  4. Throttle: Pushing the left stick forward or backwards increases and decreases the altitude in of the drone.

Above mentioned are some of the controls that you must practice while flying a drone.  Websites like Customessayorder and other writing services have detailed content on how to practice drone controls, readily available on the internet.

Creating a user policy

Despite having various advantages of using drones in college, we must never overlook the fact that it may cause collateral damages. Creating and enforcing a user policy is an integral step if you decide to use drones on campus. While creating a policy, make sure that it complies with the regulating department in that particular area. Also, consider the restricted places where drone flying is prohibited. Make sure that proper training is being provided before operating a drone. Lastly, you should check whether there are proper insurances in place that cover damages excluding the drone. 

Monitor Construction Projects and Students Saftey 

Using drones in college can be beneficial to construction projects. While constructing a building, its important to monitor and examine the work done regularly. Most buildings in colleges are heightened and to examine the construction, a worker is compelled to access the top floor. Using a drone can eliminate this dangerous task and let you monitor the situation on the top while being safe on the ground. Students, especially in the engineering department, are eager to explore and examine new buildings that are under construction. Having a drone provides feasibility and safety in the construction of new buildings. It also aids in minimizing this risk and ensure the safety of a student on campus. 

Drone technology program set to reach new heights - Palomar News

Encourage Student Creativity to Soar

Not only for professional purposes, but drones have a positive impact on the creativity of the student. They learn new and innovative ways in which drones can be of help to society.  Students at the Ann Arbor Institution have a separate Drone Testing Facility for experiments and flying.  Along with using this 96,000 Square Feet area for educational purposes, they also get involved in recreational activities like Drone Racing. 

Creating Incredible Videos

Videography is one of the roots of the digital world. Professional video makers use drones in capturing angles of events or objects that are impossible to capture from a normal camera. Making a video with a drone looks way more professional and beautiful than from a simple camera.

Liability Issues

While drones are fun to use in a college, they pose a threat to the people around them. If an un-experienced person gets hold of a drone, he could be the reason for inflicting harm on others and property damage. Un-supervised use of drones in colleges can have adverse effects and can be the cause of accidents. For example,  if a student decides to fly a drone without proper training, he may crash into someone. People flying drones may become a liability if proper precautions are not taken to ensure safety.

Additional Recommendations 

In addition to supervised drone flying, colleges should have a set of rules in place that penalize students who deviate from the policies in drone flying set by the institution. Having a rigid policy and penalty will force students to act according to the rules which will pave the way for a safe and secure drone flying environment.  These colleges must also update the security measures with the changing times so that a protected environment with the latest technology can be achieved in the institution.

Where Can You Practice Flying

Imagine if you bought a drone and immediately want to start flying, the first step would be reading the manual. You can use Essaybasics to order the best essay for you. Being a beginner in drone flying, choosing an open space with fewer people in the surroundings would be the best option. This minimizes the risk of accidents and gives you ample space to manoeuvre freely without worrying much about hurting someone.

Taking off and Landing

Following things must be kept in mind during the take-off:

  1. You should take off at eye-level and keep it steady.
  2. Check for any irregularities.
  3. Check if the handles are working properly in manoeuvring the drone.
  4. Check to see if the environment is safe for flying.

While landing the drone, you must slowly but gradually pull down the throttle to avoid crashing into the ground.

Purchase Drone Insurance 

Never forget to purchase drone insurance as accidents can happen anytime. Even if you are a professional drone flyer, the simplest things can go wrong, a simple glitch in the machinery could damage the drone and people around you.


Flying drones in colleges can be a source of fun and can enhance a student’s skill. Taking necessary precautions are still important in ensuring the safety of other students and faculty members. Institutions like Drone University USA trains students in safe and professional drone use.

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