‘Power Rangers’ Library Set to Leave Netflix in February 2021


power rangers library leaving netflix in february 2021

Bad news for Power Rangers fans as the majority of the TV series available on Netflix from the franchise is currently scheduled to leave Netflix on February 1st, 2021. This represents hundreds of hours of content potentially due to leave but all is potentially not lost as we’ll explore below. 

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the licensing rights, let’s first take stock of the titles that are currently showing removal dates (it’s not every Power Rangers title as of the time of publishing).

List of Power Rangers Titles Leaving Netflix on February 1st, 2021

This list covers Netflix USA and the UK. Other regions may vary but this seems like it’s the global rights coming up for removal.

  • Mighty Morphon Alien Rangers (1996 – 10 episodes)
  • Power Rangers Zeo (1996 – 50 episodes)
  • Beetle Borgs (1997 – 88 episodes)
  • Power Rangers Turbo (1997 – 45 episodes)
  • Power Rangers In Space (1998 – 43 episodes)
  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999 – 45 episodes)
  • Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (2000 – 40 episodes)
  • Power Rangers Time Force (2001 – 40 episodes)
  • Power Rangers Wild Force (2002 – 40 episodes)
  • Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003 – 38 episodes)
  • Power Ranger Dino Thunder (2004 – 38 episodes)
  • Power Rangers S.P.D. (2005 – 38 episodes)
  • Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006 – 32 episodes)
  • Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (2007 – 32 episodes)
  • Power Rangers Jungle Fury (2008 – 32 episodes)
  • Power Rangers RPM (2009 – 32 episodes)
  • Power Rangers Samurai (2011 – 20 episodes)
  • Power Rangers Super Samurai (2012 – 20 episodes)
  • Power Rangers Megaforce (2013 – 20 episodes)
  • Power Rangers Super Megaforce (2014 – 20 episodes)
  • Power Rangers Dino Charge (2015 – 22 episodes)
  • Power Rangers Dino Super Charge (2016 – 22 episodes)

That means by our count, 722 episodes of Power Rangers are set to leave Netflix. With each episode being around 21 minutes, that makes the total hours of content leaving to be around 10 and a half days.

Although it may be a bit of a task, the above makes a perfect watch order or if you want a bit more background, check out our beginners guide to Power Rangers on Netflix.

removal dates on power rangers titles netflix

Power Rangers Titles Not Currently Being Removed From Netflix

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (4 seasons)
  • Power Rangers Ninja Steel
  • Power Rangers Super Megaforce Legendary Battle Extended Edition
  • Power Rangers Samurai Christmas Together Friends Forever (2011)
  • Power Rangers Samurai Clash of the Red Rangers (2011)
  • Power Rangers Super Samurai Trickster Treat (2012)
  • Power Rangers Super Samurai Stuck on Christmas (2012)
  • Power Rangers Beast Morphers, the most recent in the franchise, has been getting regular updates on Netflix. Season 1 hit Netflix in October 2019 and season 2 followed in October 2020.

So, what’s happening here? Officially Netflix did not include the Power Rangers library in its leaving soon list for the end of January (which includes February 1st removals) and the dates only began appearing as of January 2nd. No announcement has come from Hasbro, Saban Entertainment, or Netflix on the removals although we have reached out.

While the licensing rights for Power Rangers are pretty muddy, we believe that Hasbro (who acquired Saban Entertainment in 2018) is who distributes the show despite the fact that Fox, ABC, and Nickelodeon have all aired the series in the past.

As of right now, no new streaming home has been announced for Power Rangers but we’ll keep this post updated over time as and when we learn of new information. Some have speculated that Paramount+ could be the recipient but frankly, it’s anyone’s guess right now.

It’s also worth noting the next Power Rangers series, Dino Fury has Netflix listed as one of the distributors although Entertainment One is believed to be distributing it.

power rangers dino fury netflix

Will you miss the Power Ranger titles if and when they leave Netflix on February 1st, 2021? Let us know in the comments.

Courtesy of: whats-on-netflix.com

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