Best Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Deals

Two years ago, the Galaxy S8 made its debut as Samsung’s flagship phone. To this day, it’s still one of the best Android phones you can own. The Editor’s Choice Galaxy S8 is worth considering and is now at its lowest price ever which makes it an even greater value.

So if you’re looking for the best Galaxy S8 deals, you’ve come to the right place. 

Samsung is currently selling the unlocked Galaxy S8 for $499.99 ($100 off) and the unlocked Galaxy S8+ for $589.99 ($100 off). Trade in your old device and Samsung will take $50 to $300 off the cost of your new Galaxy phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Credit: Tom's GuideSamsung Galaxy S8 Credit: Tom’s GuideAlternatively, if you purchase either phone from Samsung with a contract from a major carrier like AT&T, you’ll pay their regular price.

Outside of Samsung, various retailer and carriers are offering S8 and S8+ deals. To help you navigate the buying process, we’ve compiled the best carrier and retailer deals below. 

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The online giant has the Galaxy S8 unlocked for $364 ($136 off), whereas the S8+ is selling for $389 ($200 off). Both are significantly cheaper than Samsung’s direct price, so Amazon’s your best bet for an unlocked Galaxy S phone. 


The Un-carrier network no longer offers the S8 or the S8+, however it’s running one Samsung phone deal–the S8 Active for $600. Financing is available for $25/month for 24 months with no money down. 

Keep in mind that S8 Active is pricier than the S9 and S9+, which are now priced at $599.99 and $699.99, respectively. 

Best Buy

Best Buy also has some Samsung phone deals you can take advantage of. For a limited time, you can get the unlocked Galaxy S8 on sale for $399.99 with activation on the Sprint network.

If you choose to activate your device on the AT&T or Verizon network, you’ll pay $449.99 for the Galaxy S9 and $489.99 for the Galaxy S8+. 

The Galaxy S8 Active is not currently available. 


Currently, Sprint sells the unlocked Galaxy S8 is priced at $499.99 ($100 off) whereas the unlocked Galaxy S8+ is now $589.99 ($100 off). If you trade in an old device, you’ll get up to $300 toward your new S8. 


Big Red is currently slashing $100 off the list price of Samsung’s previous-gen S8 phone. You can now lease the Galaxy S8 for $20.83/mo. over the course 24 months, which amounts to $499.92. Verizon also lets buy the phone outright for $499.99. 

The carrier no longer has the S8+ in stock. 


Verizon isn’t the only carrier that offers Samsung Galaxy S8 phone deals. Currently, AT&T will let you lease the Samsung Galaxy S8 for $16.67/mo. over the course of 30 months. You can also purchase it outright with no contract for $499.99. 
Meanwhile, you can lease the Galaxy S8+ for $25.17/mo. under the same 30-month AT&T Next plan or buy it outright for $754.99.


Sprint offers the Galaxy S8 for $20.84/month with the option to upgrade after 18 monthly payments. Alternatively, you can purchase it outright for $499.99, which is the same price as Samsung’s unlocked price.

The S8+ is no longer in stock at Sprint. 

Boost Mobile

The Galaxy S8 is available on prepaid carriers too, and Boost Mobile, which is a Sprint-owned carrier is selling it for $499.99. 

Boost doesn’t offer installment plans, though, so you’ll have to cough up full payment outright.

Straight Talk

Straight Talk has the Galaxy S8 for $499.99 and is one of the few prepaid carriers that lets you lease phones. You’ll pay $25.59/mo. for the S8 over the course of 24 months. 

One warning about Straight Talk: it didn’t fare very well in our recent rankings of the best and worst wireless carriers.

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