Apple is releasing macOS High Sierra on September 25


Apple is releasing macOS High Sierra on September 25

Apple has been hard at work on four different operating systems — iOS, tvOS, watchOS and macOS. And the company just updated its website after its iPhone launch event. It now says that macOS High Sierra is going to come out on September 25.

macOS didn’t get any love this time around as the company didn’t even mention High Sierra once. Maybe there wasn’t enough time. Or maybe there wasn’t anything new to share beside a new release date.

Apple first unveiled High Sierra in June at its WWDC developer conference. TechCrunch’s Brian Heater played around with the new operating system already and realized that most changes are under the hood.

The Photos app is still receiving some new features to keep it up to date with the iOS version. There are more editing tools, you can reorganize the toolbar and you can filter your photos by type.

If you’re a Safari user, my favorite change is that there is a new feature in the settings that lets you automatically block autoplaying videos around the web. Many websites have abused autoplaying video, it’s time to stop it.

And then, there’s a new file system that should make your Mac snappier if you’re using an SSD. Mail is compressing messages, Metal 2 should take better advantage of your GPU, Spotlight knows about your flight status, etc.

As usual, macOS High Sierra is a free update. It’ll be available in the Mac App Store. I’d encourage anyone to upgrade just to get the latest security updates. It’s not the most impressive macOS update, but it’s still worth updating.

Apple is releasing macOS High Sierra on September 25

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