Xiaomi aims to upstage the iPhone with successor to acclaimed bezel-less smartphone


Xiaomi aims to upstage the iPhone with successor to acclaimed bezel-less smartphone

Xiaomi’s bezel-less Mi Mix smartphone grabbed a huge amount of attention when it launched last October. Now the Chinese phone maker is getting more opportunistic with the follow-up version, which it plans to unveil at an event in Beijing one day before Apple’s iPhone launch.

The timing is perfect for Xiaomi. Its last device was a smash and there’s huge expectations on the next iPhone.

All eyes will be on Apple, which needs to release a device that distinguishes itself from the past few tick-tock iterations to boost its brand and shore up falling sales in China. From what we’ve seen so far from leaks, it appears that the next iPhone will include some radical changes, but in launching a day prior, Xiaomi will take the spotlight for 24 hours and lay the ground for direction comparisons with Apple’s next flagship.

The Mi Mix was a hit beyond Xiaomi’s usual pool of fans thanks to a stunning front design which is nearly all screen and very little bezel.

Xiaomi aims to upstage the iPhone with successor to acclaimed bezel-less smartphone

The original Mi Mix was unveiled in October 2016

At the time that was a serious breakthrough — Xiaomi initially billed the Mi Mix as a concept device — but now screens are the hot topic for smartphones in 2017. LG and Samsung have unveiled devices with minimal bezels, running with the Mi Mix’s design lead, so naturally there’s plenty of anticipation over what Xiaomi has up its sleeve for the follow-up model.

Early leaks suggest an even smaller bezel — well of course! — with Qualcomm as-yet-announced Snapdragon 836 chipset and support for Android 8.0 Oreo off the bat.

Xiaomi isn’t saying too much for now… because why spoil the event when you’ve set it up so nicely.

2017 has been a much better year for Xiaomi after it had struggled to maintain heady growth of its early days over the last two years.

CEO Lei Jun admitted that Xiaomi had grown too fast when looking at its 2016 results, but this year it seems to have found its rhythm with impressive sales growth and a recent $1 billion loan to put the focus back on its international growth, which had stalled in recent times with little sign of success outside of China.

In that respect, the Mi Mix launch timing is ideal for Xiaomi. Now we wait until September 11 to see what comes next.

Featured Image: Xiaomi

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