Google said to launch AMP-based Snapchat Discover-like feature


Google said to launch AMP-based Snapchat Discover-like feature

Google is creating a visual publication format for media companies similar to Snapchat’s “Discover,” based on its AMP mobile optimization technology for webpages and called “Stamp,” according to a new Wall Street Journal report.

The program is said to be announced as soon as next week, and could include a range of publishing partners including Vox, CNN, The Washington Post and more. The “Stamp” name is said to be a portmanteau of AMP, and “St” from “Stories,” the report claims, which is a term commonly used now for one-to-many short form expiring visual content among social service providers, including Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.

The WSJ describes the product as offering slideshows composed of “swipeable slides” incorporating text as well as photos and videos, which is basically what you get out of Snap’s own Discover stories in Snapchat. Stamp stories would be available broadly on the mobile web, and surfaced directly in Google search results, which could help considerably in terms of increasing their appeal vs. platform-specific products like Discover that require a user to already be within a specific app.

It sounds like we’re likely to hear more about this sooner rather than later in terms of official details.

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