ScriptDrop delivers your prescriptions with pizzazz


ScriptDrop delivers your prescriptions with pizzazz

Larry Scott and Nick Potts worked at CoverMyMeds, a software solution for pharmacies. After connecting a bunch of pills with a bunch of pharmacists they started ScriptDrop, a service that helps pharmacists deliver those same prescriptions to your door. It’s active in New York now but expanding into other areas soon.

The team, who hail from Nashville, settled in Columbus to work for CoverMyMeds. They quit to try something new and used many of the tricks they learned in the mother ship to build out their massive network of pharmacies. They have also created a system for med reminders that help pill takers remember to take their pills.

“We are live with a pharmacy system that has 1,200 pharmacies. Two integrations are being completed that will give us access to 13,000 independent pharmacies,” said Potts. “We have pilot contracts with two national chains for delivery. For the med reminders, we’re piloting the text solution now to ensure the clinical decision tree is comprehensive.”

The team learned a lot working at CoverMyMeds and the bigger company gave the pair their blessing to spin out and expand the features available to pharmacists.

“We’re integrated into the pharmacists workflow. The pharmacist doesn’t have to download an app. They simply hit a button to request a delivery or setup medication reminders. We have a secondary solution if the pharmacy doesn’t have the direct integration,” said Potts.

Interestingly, over 25% of patients never bother to pick up the medicines prescribed them. The cost of picking and storing the medicine and then putting it back was $300 billion and offering a simple delivery service was the best way forward. The team uses local couriers to pick up and drop off the meds.

“Through data, I noticed that patients were coming into pharmacies to fill a prescription and being told to come back a day later to pick it up. When this happened 25% of the time that patient never returns,” said Potts. “I worked closely with pharmacies and spoke to them about why they think that it happened. They listed a myriad of reasons. One offering would help to solve a lot of the issues.”

The team has raised $1 million in seed and is looking for add-on funding.

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