Google Pixel 5 leak just revealed last-minute surprise

Google Pixel 5 leak just revealed last-minute surprise

The hours are ticking down to Google’s Pixel 5 unveiling, but a few more details are still trickling out about the handset Google will showcase at its Sept. 30 event. We now have a better idea of the materials Google plans to use on this year’s flagship phone.

According to leaker Roland Quandt, the Pixel 5’s case will be made entirely from recycled aluminum. The phone will also use Corning Gorilla Glass 6 over its 6-inch OLED screen up front.

That revelation is significant in two ways. First, it tells us how Google plans to differentiate the Pixel 5 from the Pixel 4a 5G, the budget phone that will also be shown off at this week’s event. Leaked specs last week suggested a lot of similarities between the two phones. Both the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G will reportedly run on Snapdragon 765G processors, include a pair of rear cameras and offer 5G connectivity.

Quandt’s tweet would seem to imply the Pixel 5 will feature more high-end materials than the Pixel 4a 5G. That phone is likely to follow the design of the Pixel 4a released last month and use a plastic-clad chassis as a way to keep costs down.

Also noteworthy about the Pixel 5’s all-aluminum back — it would seemingly complicate that phone’s ability to charge wirelessly. However, in its report on Quandt’s revelation. 9to5Google suggests the Pixel 5 could use a cutout to allow the phone to connect with wireless chargers.

Last week, reports circulated that the Pixel 5 would be available in a shade of green, and Quandt’s tweet confirms the name will be Sorta Sage. There’s even an up-close look at the phone’s back, revealing flecks of black mixed in with the green.

Despite the aluminum and glass materials, the Pixel 5 could be a different kind of flagship for Google, as the phone maker is reportedly skipping out on premium features like a more powerful processor and a telephoto lens to sell its device for less than competing flagships. Rumors point to a price of around $699 for the Pixel 5. We’ll know very shortly how accurate that speculation is and just what Google’s giving up to offer a phone at that price.

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