‘Dark Desire’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & What to Expect

‘Dark Desire’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & What to Expect

‘Dark Desire’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & What to Expect

Dark Desire – Picture: Netflix

Dark Desire (or Oscuro Deseo as it’s known in Spanish regions) has been one of the dark horses of the July 2020 releases. It continues to be in the top 10 titles around the world, but will it be back for season two on Netflix? Here’s what we know so far. 

Eighteen episodes of the thrilling drama series that originates from Mexico by Argos Comunicación arrived on Netflix on July 15th, 2020.

For those that have seen season one of Dark Desire, you’ll know that the ending absolutely leaves the door open for more seasons.

How well has the series performed around the world? Quite well, but naturally the series has performed better in Spanish speaking countries.

As of July 28th, 2020 the series ranked in the top 10s in Brazil, France, Germany, India Mexico, Spain, and even the United States.

In the US, the series has ranked in the top 10 TV series list every day since its release topping out at position 3 on July 22nd, 2020.

The series is the sixth most watched title on Netflix around the world in July 2020 according to FlixPatrol.

One reason the show is doing so well could be due to the “COVID thirst” as I’m dubbing it, which has led to other sexy titles like 365 Days being so successful. 

Has Dark Desire been renewed for season two?

Official renewal status: not yet renewed (last updated: 07/29/2020)

Officially, we have yet to hear about the future of the show but that’s normal and probably going to be the case up until a second season arrives.

This often happens with foreign titles on Netflix, when the main Netflix accounts don’t announce or hand press releases to trade outlets.

The best way to track the show is via Netflix’s Mexico Twitter account. Given the performance of the series thus far though (see above) we’d give the show a 70-80% chance of renewal.

What to expect from season two of Dark Desire?

Let’s now get into what we can expect story-wise from season two of Dark Desire. So, full spoiler warning ahead.

You can find a full ending explanation at this Spanish site but let’s summarise what we could expect going into any second season.

‘Dark Desire’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & What to Expect

The big story threads that need answers heading into a second season include who actually killed Brenda (or did she really commit suicide), and what Dario will now do after surviving the factory fire and announcing his love?

There are also some great ideas of where the series can go for season two in this article too.

When will Dark Desire season two release on Netflix?

Unfortunately, this is the hardest question to answer without renewal and of course, with the global pandemic playing havoc on release and filming schedules.

Mexico has been affected by the virus outbreak just as much as any other countries. Filming has apparently restarted in some instances in Mexico but with added restrictions.

Notably, Netflix has launched numerous funds to help those affected by the shutdown including a $100M relief fund split between Mexico and Brazil.

Our best current guestimate as to when we can expect season two of Dark Desire on Netflix is late 2021.

Do you want to see more episodes of Dark Desire on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

Courtesy of: whats-on-netflix.com

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