When will ‘Dynasty’ Season 4 be on Netflix?

dynasty season 4 netflix release schedule 2021

Dynasty – Picture: Netflix

Dynasty will be returning to Netflix for a fourth season but won’t likely be until the middle of 2021 for most. Here’s the current predicted release schedule for Dynasty season 4 on Netflix around the world plus a bit about what we know regarding season 4. 

The soap opera reboot has been one of the many shows on The CW where people wonder how it keeps getting renewed given its poor viewing figures and many people cite Netflix as a key reason.

Just before we dive into the respective Netflix release schedules, we must quickly draw your attention to the fact Dynasty isn’t a full Netflix Original. Instead, it falls into the internationally distributed Netflix Original category. What this essentially means is that Dynasty is only an Original outside of its broadcast country which in this case is the United States.

When will Dynasty season 4 be on The CW?

Dynasty is among the slate of shows from The CW that will be delayed into Q1 2021 instead of its regular October slot.

As you can probably guess, Dynasty has been affected by the coronavirus delays to production that has hit nearly every show around the world.

At the moment, the series is expected to return to The CW between January and April 2021.

TVLine reports that despite the delays, they are expecting a full-length season for season 4 which would mean a return to its 22-episode season.

When will Dynasty season 4 be on Netflix in the United States?

Dynasty still arrives on Netflix US as part of the existing legacy contract with The CW.

As per the contract, Netflix gets new episodes of seasons around 8 days after the season finale. Given the delay, we could see Dynasty season 4 added to Netflix between as early as September 2021 or as late December 2021.

When will Dynasty season 4 be on Netflix in the United States?

For season 3, Netflix internationally got Dynasty season 4 on the same timetable as the United States.

Will Netflix internationally be jumping back to its weekly schedule as per season 2? Unlikely.

Although we were never given an official reason for Dynasty not dropping on a weekly basis, we’re not expecting it to go back. Netflix also lost out on weekly episodes of Black Lightning this time round with the only weekly drop from The CW being Riverdale (which is expected to do the same for season 5).

That’s all we know so far about when season 4 of Dynasty will be on Netflix around the world. We’ll keep you updated as and when we learn more.

Courtesy of: whats-on-netflix.com

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