HYBRiX Drone to the Rescue

It was a great Saturday, the sun was shining and Mikel was happily driving his car while enjoying the breeze from the mountains. The perfect day to go for a picnic, he was thinking.

But suddenly…
BAAM! The tire explodes just in the middle of nowhere. Ok, let’s not lose it, keep calm and get the spare tire. OUCH!, where did the spare tire go? Oh no! what now? What are the chances to make it to the picnic? The insurance truck will take hours to come here to fix this.
Don’t panic! There is a better choice:

HYBRiX to the rescue!

I bet you didn’t see that coming.
Usually he would have to wait more than 3 hours for the insurance guy to arrive to that kind of road. OMG! but now forget about that. HYBRiX drone comes to the rescue!

This is the first drone powerful enough to carry a car wheel up to the mountains. Incredible, right? This experience shows that with some imagination and hard work, anything is possible.

Go beyond the limits with drones!
Random emergency?

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