The Sims 4 Console is getting improved Controls User Interface

Porting a whole life simulation game onto a console is a tricky thing to do – especially with having to memorize all of the controls on your controller.

Luckily, The Sims 4 for Consoles will have an improved Controls User Interface with the next update!

As shown in the latest official livestream, The Sims 4 Console will now have a Controls User interface in the top right corner letting you know all the options you have for a selected Sim, object or a certain part of the User Interface!

This will also definitely come in handy for memorizing hundreds of options and abilities that there are in Build Mode – as each segment in that mode will now have controls in the corner letting you know exactly what you can do!

The team has also shown the ability to disable this User Interface overlay in the Game Options menu.

This update is expected to come out for Consoles on June 2nd – just 3 days before the release of The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle for all ports!

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