Netflix Heist-Thriller ‘The Last Days of American Crime’: Everything we Know so Far

Coming this June is Netflix’s latest heist epic, The Last Days of American Crime. We have everything you need to know about The Last Days of American Crime, including the plot, cast, and Netflix release date.

The Last Days of American Crime is an upcoming Netflix Original heist-thriller based on the comic book of the same name by authors Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini. The feature is to be directed by Olivier Megaton, with Radical Studios and Mandalay Pictures handling the production.

When is the Netflix release date for The Last Days of American Crime?

According to Jeff Sneider at Collider, The Last Days of American Crime is scheduled for release on June 5th, 2020.

Netflix has yet to officially confirm a release date for the Original.

What is the plot of The Last Days of American Crime?

The synopsis for The Last Days of American Crime is as follows:

In the not too distant future, the United States government has a secret plan to eradicate all crime and terrorism by broadcasting a signal that makes it impossible for individuals to commit unlawful acts. To distract the nation, the government created a new currency system, all held on digital charging cards. With only one week remaining until broadcast, Graham Brick, a career criminal who never quite hit the big score, intends to steal one of the charging stations, and live off unlimited funds for the rest of his life. But when the media leaks the news of the anti-crime broadcast, Graham and his team have just a few days to turn the crime of the century into the last crime in American history.

Who are the cast members of The Last Days of American Crime?

The following are the confirmed cast members of The Last Days of American Crime:

RoleCast MemberWhere Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Kevin CashMichael PittFunny Games | Seven Psychopaths | The Dreamers
TBASharlto CopleyDistrict 9 | Chappie | Hardcore Henry
Graham BrickeEdgar RamirezGold | Point Break | Deliver Us From Evil
Shelby DupreeAnna BrewsterThe Force Awakens | Versailles | Mrs Henderson Presents
CarilloInge BeckmanEscape Room | The Dark Tower | Troy: Fall of a City
Ross KingTamer BurjaqDredd | Grimsby | Bloodshot
Pete SlaterySean Cameron MichaelBlack Sails | Shooter | The Mummy
Johnny DNathan LynnDeep Blue Sea 2 | Blood Drive | The Kissing Booth
TweekerCarel NelHum | The Salvation | Slaaf
Rory BrickeDaniel FoxEye in the Sky | Generation Kill | Safe House
PosnerJames Richard MarshallCriminal | Fan | Now You See Me 2

This is the second Original that Edgar Ramirez has starred in after Bright.

Will the film cover all of the comics of The Last Days of American Crime?

The Last Days of American Crime is only a short comic series, consisting of three issues.

Netflix’s adaptation of The Last Days of American Crime will cover all three issues of the comic book series.

All three issues of The Last Days of American Crime – Copyright. Radical Comics

You could argue that the comic could have been expanded into a short limited series, but a feature-length film should hopefully do the comic justice.

When did production take place for The Last Days of American Crime?

Filming reportedly took place between October 24th, 2018, and December 19th, 2018 in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

At the time of writing the film is still currently in post-production according to information on IMDb.

Are you going to be watching The Last Days of American Crime on Netflix?

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