Disneyland Ticket Prices Rise Again Ahead of Marvel’s Avengers Campus Debut

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Disneyland has once again raised its prices. It will now cost over $200 to get into both parks on a peak day. The Anaheim, California theme park just opened up its Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge expansion last year and recently added Rise of the Resistance to its rides, which has seen a spike in visits. In order to get on the latest Star Wars ride, visitors have to get their first thing in the morning and start tapping on the park’s app to get a chance. Boarding passes for the day are often gone two minutes after the park opens. Now there’s another Disneyland hurdle to jump over.

Disneyland quietly announced another round of price hikes earlier this week, which effect nearly all tickets, annual passes, and MaxPasses. The announcement comes as the Avengers Campus is set to open this summer. Marvel fans will be able to hang with some of their favorite characters while watching Spider-Man sling webs above them. Parking will remain at $25. One-day ticket prices went up as much as 5%. The lowest in demand days, which are generally Tuesdays and Wednesdays in March, are not affected and remain at $104. For peak days, like most Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, the price of a ticket rose from $149 to $154. There are also three middle-priced tiers.

One-day park-hopper tickets, which let a person visit both Disneyland and the neighboring California Adventure, went from $154 to $159 for lowest-demand days and went to $209 for the high demand days. That’s $209 a person over the age of three to get into both parks for a day, which may be a bit more than prospective visitors are looking to pay. The digital reservation system, or MaxPass, is now $20 instead of $15. This could potentially make a lot of people, including annual passholders, pretty angry.

Speaking of annual passes, those all went up too. The lowest tier pass, the Select Pass, went up 5% and now costs $419 a year. The newly added Flex Pass also went up an extra $50 a year. The highest annual pass, the Premier Pass, which gives guests access to Disney parks in California and Florida, without blocking any dates, rose 13% to $2,199 from $1,949. That’s a pretty huge jump for everything, which may see people think twice about heading to the Happiest Place on Earth. Theme park consultant John Gerner says, “They will begin to see it in customer surveys. That is going to be a sign that they’ve gone too far – if they’ve gone too far.”

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So far, the reactions have been all over the place on social media. Many long-time Disney fans took it in stride and are used to Disneyland hiking up its prices. Others are more angry about it since it was just 13 months ago that the prices went up, right before Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened its doors. Regardless, the park has had to turn people away in recent months due to gigantic crowd sizes, so people are still paying the money to get in. Will the new ticket prices cut into attendance? The Disneyland price news was first reported by The Los Angeles Times.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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