Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Hotel Video Reveals New Details, Reservations Open Soon

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The Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel doesn’t open until 2021, but potential guests will be able to book reservations later this year. Disney World has also provided a new video that further explains the insane immersive experience that they will be offering to Star Wars fans. Both Disney World and Disneyland have their Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge locations up and fully operational with Rise of the Resistance now open on both coasts. However, only the Orlando park is getting the fully immersive hotel experience.

For Star Wars fans that have been, they know that Galaxy’s Edge does a pretty great job of bringing people to another planet. For the most part, it’s a fan’s dream come true, but even with all of the bells and whistles, it’s not going to compare to the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel. For one, the hotel will have a direct entrance into Galaxy’s Edge, in an effort to keep the immersive experience going on outdoors as well. While entering the hotel for the first time, guests will be put into their own pods that take them to the main Starcruiser.

From there, the atrium of the hotel looks like a huge Star Wars cantina with a lot going on. The rooms will have up to five beds, including bunks that look like they were ripped directly from the Millennium Falcon. There’s a main “window,” which shows guests what’s going on out in space while they’re in the rooms. A tour of the bridge and the cockpit are also offered, along with Lightsaber training for all ages. However, that’s just scraping the surface.

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Once aboard the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser at Disney Resorts, guests can interact with crew members, which can put them on quests. There is an RPG element to this experience and might not be for anyone else except hardcore Star Wars fans. It’s not clear what will happen on these missions, but the First Order could very well have spies planted just about anywhere on the cruiser. All of the windows in the main area look out into space, which looks pretty great from the mockup video, which you can see below. For parents and guests who want to do things outside of the galaxy far, far away, there are “normal” things to do too.

There will obviously be bars on board the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, along with gyms to work off whatever blue or green milk guests are ingesting. With that being said, there’s a lot to do within the hotel and then out in Galaxy’s Edge too, which is why Disney World is only offering two day and two night stays at this time. As for when the reservations go live, that has not been revealed, though it will more than likely be towards the end of the year. You can check out the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser video tour below, thanks to the Disney Parks YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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