4 Best Drones Under $100 For Beginners in 2020

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Guest Post by Zubair

Drones are the new tech-buzz that everyone wants to experience and get their hand on. The feeling of capturing stunning footage in 4K covering vast areas with a hovering high-tech toy running considerably longer on a single charge and piloted through a controller is addictive. And contrary to the popular belief of this experience costing an arm and a leg – it has become inexpensive with several great drones costing less than $100.

Drone technology isn’t just a mainstream tech that is being utilized for commercial and pleasure purposes but has been incorporated for important uses and causes. Goldman Sachs Research says that drones can inspect up to 1,000 acres of farmland in a day. Truly, drone technology is magnificent. One can say that it is a perfect balance of great software coupled with powerful hardware that is remotely controlled.

Software development companies excelling in drone software are aiming to provide a seamless monitor and control experience through a user-friendly app. These apps are allowing drones to have features like built-in video editors, YouTube live streaming options, including a live map, radar, flight telemetry, and more.

So whether you are just a beginner or solely on a tight budget – we have a list of great quality drones under $100 for you to choose from and enjoy!

4 Best Drones Under $100

Investing in the right drone that checks all your boxes is a challenge, as you do not want to invest in something you later regret and have to go through the hassle of re-selling it at a lower price. So right off the bat, we picked (x) drones that might be just what you are looking for.

DJI Tello 

Via Gigsmart 

For those searching for a DJI drone from their affordable line, then Tello is for you all. This drone is perfect for beginners – as it is compact and packs great features for a drone under $100.

It is a quadcopter that is easy to handle and quick to learn. By the looks of this drone, it is said to be quite similar to DJI’s Spark – which is a popular drone from their range. With Tello, you get to experience a total of 13 minutes of flight time with a decent camera. The specifications of Tello are below for further consideration.


  • Range: 100m
  • Weight: 80 grams as a whole
  • Camera: 5MP camera (82.6 degree field of view and shoots 720p video at 30 frames per second)
  • Battery: 3.8V 1100 mAh
  • Size: 9.80 x 9.25 x 4.10 cm (3.86 x 3.64 x 1.61 inches)


  • Comes with digital image stabilization 
  • Twist and Go: Throw It — It Goes
  • Pressure Sensor Altitude Hold 
  • One Touch Take Off and Landing
  • Vision positioning system
  • Bounce Mode (Tello bounces from hand or other surfaces at heights between 1.6 ft and 3.9 ft)
  • DJI Tello Tricks — 8D Flips
  • Drone streams easily to a tablet, smartphone, and a VR headset. 

A marvelous DJI drone indeed considering its specs and features It serves with under just $100.

Eachine E58 

Via fletchermart.com

Another power-packed drone under $100. Its design is similar to DJI Mavic Pro and is one of the best pocket drones out in the market in this range. Its assembly takes about 10 mins tops. A little low on the camera pixels, offering Just 2MP camera. Nonetheless, it allows live video transmitted through WiFi – which is a convenience. 

Under $100, it is perfect for beginners, but with a top speed being equated to fast brisk walk – not the fastest in the market indeed. However, its stabilization against the wind is impressive, to say the least. In case of the flight time, it lasts 10 mins per aerial run with one hour of battery charge time – not bad for a budget drone. 

Let’s have a look at its other specifications and additional features. 


  • Camera: 2 MP, 720p resolution, wide-angle
  • Recording Details: No lag with live transmission, records directly to the micro SD card


  • Gravity sensor
  • 3D Flips
  • Altitude hold 
  • Headless mode 
  • Automatic Takeoff and LandingOut of Range safety (will start descending when out of range)

Overall a great choice if you can compromise on the speed, as it is a slow drone. Otherwise, it comes with great features including non-lagging video transmission with just a 2MP camera – definitely a bonus. 

Hubsan H107D X4

Via dronemission

H107D is a top-rated bestseller drone under $100. Not only is it still available in the market, but it also comes with a complete FPV package. A great first quadcopter for anyone to invest in – as its above-average performance has bagged it many purchases. 

Its specs and features are decent at the low price point. 


  • Flight Time: 9 to 10 mins 
  • Range: 100 meters 
  • Camera: 0.3MP, 480p Resolution camera 
  • Recording Details: Live video transmit directly to 4.3” LCD screen that is built-in into the remote controller


  • 3D flips 
  • Live Video 

 H107D’s camera doesn’t rank well against DJI Tello and Eachine E58’s but overall performs decently and is great for beginners wanting to have a taste of drone tech. 

Visuo XS809W

Via big dealzs

Another contender that comes with standard specs and is a popular purchase among drone enthusiasts and beginners. Its performance is ranked high indoors and outdoors against the low price it comes in. Perfectly maneuverable at low speeds but performs acrobat when running on high speed. 

One best feature would be controlling the drone via a smartphone app and supports the live transmission on a smartphone through WiFi. Otherwise, it does come with a 2.4Ghz controller. Other specs and features are listed below. 


  • Flight Time: 7 to 9 mins 
  • Range: 80 Meters but can reach up to 100 in excellent condition 
  • Camera: 2MP, 720p resolution, Field of View lens 


  • Gravity sensor control 
  • 3D VR compatibility 
  • One-key Return 
  • Headless Mode 
  • Altitude Hold 
  • 3D Flip 
  • LED Lights

Its compact and foldable design among its other star-features makes it a great choice for all consumers looking for a budget-friendly, high-functioning drone. 

This concludes our top 4 under $100 drones that pack great features for any beginner to indulge in. The drone industry has grown at an exponential rate ever since the technology was made accessible for everyone. According to The Economic Report – it is expected to grow more than $82.1 billion in annual revenue by the year 2025. 

With the availability of drones at all price ranges, it is a given that the drone market is bound to thrive for years to come. 

Author Bio:

Zubair is a digital enthusiast who loves to write on various trends, including Tech, Software Development, AI, and Personal Development. He is a passionate blogger and loves to read and write. He currently works at Unique Software Development, custom software development company in Dallas that offers top-notch software development services to clients across the globe.  

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