Drone Run

The creators of startup Drone Run, brothers Alex and Toby Liew, are shaking up the consumer drone flying experience with an innovative flying game that keeps drone flying low to the ground and in your line of sight, so you don’t have to worry about breaking any rules.

What is Drone Run?

Drone Run is an exhilarating and skill-developing game with responsive landing and checkpoint challenges for beginner to professional consumer drone pilots seeking an extra use for their drones. Comprised of an inventive drone landing pad and responsive sensor checkpoints, Drone Run adds a fun yet competitive spin on the drone flying experience that unlocks a previously unexplored area of flight. Perhaps the most important feature, the gameplay compels users not only to keep their drone in their line of sight, but to fly low to the ground in a controlled and skillful manner. This eliminates the risk of dangerous and disruptive drone flying, and instead cultivates a community of responsible and proficient drone users.

Why Is It Needed?

Co-founder Toby Liew says ‘given the heightened pressure of drone safety and responsibility from the recent string of reckless drone flying events, Drone Run provides an innovative solution for ready-to-fly drones that pilots love using with their drones’.

‘We’re not saying every drone owner needs training, in fact, the vast majority of drone pilots are completely responsible and operate their drones in accordance to the Drone Code, but to such drone owners, Drone Run breathes a new and thrilling lease of life into their expensive pieces of kit.’

‘For new ready-to-fly drone users, the Drone Run starter kit provides an entertaining means for training basic flying and landing skills whilst playing the game.’

Co-founder Alex Liew says ‘sometimes, there are only so many aerial photos one can stomach before their drone gathers dust in the back of their cupboard or at worse, on eBay. On top of beautiful aerial cinematography, why not test your skills with Drone Run for times there aren’t such beautiful things to film?’

The Landing Pad

With its simple sensors, the smart landing pad times your flights from the instant you take off to the moment you land. Complete the smoothest drone flight in your best possible time and compete with friends and family, or just race yourself.

Consistently Flat Take-off and Landing Surface

The Drone Run landing pad is robust. It’s a solid surface to land on, unlike lopsided, wobbly landings on thin and flimsy landing mats. It also sits well on the ground, offering a flat surface no matter the terrain, and prevents prop wash blowing any debris on your drone so you can protect your precious flying machine.

Effortless Portability

Conveniently, the drone landing pad folds in half, secured with magnets, making it easy to carry and transport. It opens up and fastens flat with easy to use Velcro straps, keeping your landing pad stable on the ground so you can set up and pack away effortlessly.

Cushion Soft Landings

Drone Run has used ultra-lightweight yet robust, fully recyclable EPP foam to achieve a soft-to-touch, shock absorbent base that won’t damage your drone or propellers if you don’t quite land right.

The Sensor Checkpoints

These smart sensor checkpoints stick into the ground and sense when a drone is above them, triggering satisfying flashes and beeps. The creators have suggested some course layouts with different lap record times on their website but claim the customisation is really in your hands.

Drone Legislation

Amid a new government crackdown with legislation coming into force in November requiring users who fly drones weighing 250g or more to register with the CAA and take an online test, Drone Run could not come at a better time to help with training and awareness.

Pricing and Availability

Drone Run is launching its products with hefty discounts on Kickstarter, with its new products expected to deliver by early next year, providing the campaign has been successfully funded. The Drone Run starter kit (1x Pad and 1x Sensor) costs £90/$112, but Kickstarter backers can get it for £65/$91. Drone Run is also offering their more popular core and pro kits, group and training bundles all for up to 20% off RRP – and 30% off for ‘earlybirds’.

Drone Run has big plans to reshape the way drones are flown, intending to expand their accessory range with more interactive course components, an app and AR integration; all with the aim of gamifying drone flying and reinforcing drone safety.

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