Russian Developer of Educational Drones Goes International

The Moscow company COEX, manufacturer of the most renowned drone for learning the basics of robotics in Russia, goes international. The company has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the international platform Indiegogo

In Moscow, COEX manufactures the programmable quadcopter kit Clover, on which anyone can learn how to assemble and program drones. The kit includes components for quadcopter assembly, open
source software and the necessary documentation for study of the topic. In Russia, more than 3,000 schoolchildren and students have studied working with drones on the Clover platform.

“Indiegogo was selected as an entry point to the international B2C market, to promote the updated version of COEX Clover for the study of flying robotics. The main goal is to assess the demand for our product, and then spread to the Amazon and Alibaba portals. The crowdfunding campaign will end in November,” said Alexander Dubinin, COEX Marketing Director.

With the COEX Clover School kit, you can create your own drone operating training course. This package includes training materials for 72 and 144 academic hours, teaching materials for courses in aerial robotics and more than 100 hours of video on the practical assembly, calibration and operation of the drone.

COEX (Copter Express Technologies LLC) is a developer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles. The company manufactures two products: the educational programmable quadcopter kit Clover, which is the leader of the Russian market for flying robotics education, and the Pelican line of industrial autonomous drones for monitoring territories and delivering lightweight cargo. The company also produces hosting stations for automatically charging drones. In 2018, the company produced and sold more than 1300 aircraft.

Indiegogo is an international crowdfunding platform, with headquarters in San Francisco (USA). It was founded in 2008.

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