Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Active bands: Customize and style your smartwatch

One of the great strengths of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active – aside from its sporty smartwatch credentials – is its customisation options. It takes standard 20mm straps, which opens up your choice considerably.
Picking the right Galaxy Watch Active band for the right occasion can completely change its look and feel. So whether you’re going out for a formal dinner, or taking in a few laps in the pool, you’ll want to pair up accordingly.
Essential reading:Samsung Galaxy Watch Active tips and tricksYou also need to keep in mind the colour of your watch casing as the Galaxy Watch Active is available in four different finishes. Keep in mind how a new strap will look with your particular model.
The great news is that there are plenty of bands out there compatible with the Galaxy Watch Active, and these can be quickly and easily swapped out as your mood requires.
Thankfully you don’t have to necessarily stretch to the higher prices of the official options from the Samsung Store. These can cost upwards of $39.99, so it’s worth looking at third-party options.
We’ve picked out the very best for you right here so you don’t have to go hunting.
EZCO Silicone Strap 3-PackBuy now: Amazon | $11.99For a very low price you’re getting not just one, but three silicone bands perfect for the Galaxy Watch Active. There’s a choice of the above colors or black, white and grey combos. The above are a great choice if you want something similar to the standard silicone band but want to inject a bit of colour.
These silicone bands use the same fastening button fastening method from the Apple Watch’s sport band if that’s your thing as well. With three different colors you can swap them out to suit your mood or the occasion. The quick release spring bar makes this super easy.
KIMILAR Sports Band 3-PackBuy now: Amazon | $11.99Another great value triple-pack. This one is also made from silicone, so it’s a good choice for exercise or getting laps in at the pool. The added perforations will also aid in letting sweat escape. There’s a choice of different color combinations, so pick the trio you like.
You also have a choice of small (5.8-inches to 7.1-inches) or large (7-inches to 8.5-inches) so be sure to measure your wrist and pick accordingly. This strap also uses a convenient button fastening.
Spigen Modern FitBuy now: Amazon | $16.99Spigen is well known for its more premium accessories, and that’s what you’re getting here. If you want to class up your Galaxy Watch Active, this traditional metal link strap makes it look more like a traditional timepiece on your wrist.
The solid stainless steel bands are durable and you also get a handy tool kit included for adjusting the size, letting you add or remove links as required. Quick release pins let you remove it if you need to swap it for something sportier before a workout.
Women’s BraceletBuy now: Amazon | $18.99If you’re looking for a decidedly more feminine strap for your Galaxy Watch Active, this sparkling bracelet option might check the right boxes. You can easily resize this by removing the folding links, and this doesn’t require any additional tools. This strap can fit wrists between 5.1-inches to 7.8-inches.
The stones are set in place and not glued on, which should mean they won’t go missing. The strap itself is made from stainless steel.
Spigen Liquid Air ArmorBuy now: Amazon | $13.99Another one from Spigen, but this one’s more than just a strap. It’s actually a strap and a case for your Galaxy Watch Active, adding extra protection for your smartwatch. The casing has a scratch-resistant and shock-absorbent, which is great news if you’re on the clumsy side.
The raised bezels around your smartwatch also helps protect your screen. The slim, form-fitting design ensures there’s not too much added bulk and that the buttons still work easily. The convenient wireless charging functionality isn’t impacted, either.
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