Zing Completes its First Drone Delivery in Tampa Bay

Drone deliveries are coming to the United States faster than you may have imagined. It’s a quick, convenient, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional food delivery systems. Zing successfully completed a fast food delivery over a half mile span in just three minutes using their free iPhone app and a standard consumer drone. This same delivery would have taken over 14 minutes to complete by car.

Before launching, the app automatically checks to make sure the drone’s flight path does not pass over any schools and prisons, or through any controlled airspace. If the flight path is safe, the drone ascends to two hundred feet autonomously with the package attached and begins flying directly to the customer. During flight, the drone pilot can adjust the heading and speed of the drone while the flight path remains intact. When the drone arrives at the location, the drone pilot is given back control for a safe final descent. Once the user receives the package, the pilot just taps return home to come back and land autonomously. Using AirMap technology, the app actively monitors for manned aircraft on a collision course with the drone and warns the pilot. The app also includes an abort button to resume manual control at any time during the flight if needed.

Together we can build an environmentally friendly and sustainable future. Zing is aiming to enable over one hundred thousand FAA certified drone pilots to start making local deliveries using same drones they already know and trust. The free iPhone app is compatible with all DJI drones and is available now on the App Store. Zing is now inviting golf courses clubhouses, beach bars, and other eligible businesses to join the drone delivery platform. Visit us at https://zingdrones.com to learn more.

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