NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10

For the toughest cases, the government sends in a highly-trained team of undercover agents supported by the best technology. This is the Office of Special Projects.

The Los Angeles-based OSP gets the call when national security is at stake. Whether the problem is a terrorist threat, international drug dealers or a plot against the government, partners ?G? Callen and Sam Hanna step into the action. Special agent Callen is a master of undercover work. A bit of a nomad, he transforms into the persona needed for each situation. Hanna is a former Navy SEAL and family man. He serves as surveillance expert and strength.

Partners Kensi Blye and Marty Deeks have a fun but sometimes unsteady romance. Blye serves as the team?s forensics expert. Deeks is the LAPD liaison who resists joining NCIS despite trouble with the LAPD.

The team is backed by tech and intelligence analysts, an operational psychologist and the NCIS Pacific assistant director. They are managed by impressive and multitalented Hetty Lange.

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