Knightfall Season 2

As a 14th Century Templar Knight, Crusades’ veteran and Master of the Paris Temple, Landry du Lauzon is without a doubt a man greatly devoted to God and performing God’s works here on earth.

One of the greatest missions of the Knights Templar is the protection of the Holy Grail, which they lost during a siege in the Holy Land. Landry comes to believe many years after the death of his mentor, Godfrey, that the relic can be found in France.

Yet, Landry’s focus is divided by politics and temptation: He becomes a favorite of the King of France above his brothers. He also falls in love with Queen Joan and the two begin an adulterous affair.

Each step that Landry takes on his quest to find the Grail seems to push him closer to perdition. Even as he seeks as an imperfect man and knight to perform God’s will, he can’t drive out the love he feels for Joan and his desire to be with her forever.

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