FPVStyle launches campaign for mini FPV racing drones with mixed reality

(Los Angeles, May 28, 2019) – Today, FPVStyle launched a Kickstarter campaign for ZinkyUFO, an FPV mini racing drone that links to your phone with zero delays, includes mixed reality, and only takes five minutes to learn to fly. It is now available for the early bird price of $119 USD.

Zinky weighs just 25 grams, has in-app video recording and supports IOS and Android. It also includes VR and an AR camera. It has a range of 100 feet, can reach top speeds of 35 mph, has six minutes of flight time and a 65,000 RPM motor. The mini-drone is tiny but waterproof and durable – and was test-crashed 300 times with zero damage. Zinky is super easy to fly, has one-button landing and takeoff, and can flip, spin, loop, and auto hover.

“ZinkyUFO is a fun, gamified racing drone experience that’s easy to use for first-time users, and offers something special and new to the market for experienced drone racers,” said CEO and founder of FPVStyle, Max Ma. “While the drone world is typically divided into different groups: drone racers, casual users, photographers, etc., ZinkyUFO is for everyone.”

Zinky’s unique mixed reality feature lets users play Game of Drones – the first ever mixed reality, AR-based, mini-drone racing game. Players can control the drone to shoot down mixed reality characters like ghosts, monsters, and dragons via AR – turning any space into a vast terrain teeming with enemies to conquer. Developers will be able to access an API to design modules and expand games, and buildable, 3D printed accessories are on offer.

ZinkyUFO comes packed with features including unlimited flight time (4 pcs batteries with fast USB charger, about 15 mins charging battery).

“ZinkyUFO has been a project in the making for three years now. With a team assembled internationally, our goal is to bring something new to the drone world that is lots of fun, easy to use for everybody, and implements top of the line tech with innovative new features,” said Ma. “Our team has established ourselves as experts in the drone racing space, and we’re excited and thrilled to bring a new experience that all people, even beginners, can enjoy.”

Founder Max Ma previously worked for DJI, created the first Brushless Gimbal with Russian drone company Alexmos, founded FPVStyle, and led Team China in the World Drone Prix in Hawaii and Dubai. He also organizes FPV racing events in China.

The drone kit available now for $119. For more information on their rewards and pledges, see Zinky’s Kickstarter page. Media wishing to interview their personnel should contact PR agent, Rosemary Newton at [email protected]

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