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Fifth Annual Drone Focus Conference to be Held in Fargo

Fifth Annual Drone Focus Conference to be Held in Fargo 1

Fargo N.D. — On Wednesday, May 29th, the fifth annual Drone Focus Conference, organized by
Emerging Prairie, will be held at the Avalon Events Center. The conference explores the latest
developments in the unmanned systems industry and serves as a platform to connect industry
professionals, researchers, founders, developers, city and government officials and others.

This year the conference will dive deeper into what it takes to build an autonomous nation, and
examine some of the core components of the unmanned systems industry including infrastructure,
software, policy and more.

During the event, attendees will hear from speakers representing companies ranging from small
startups to large corporations that are developing cutting-edge software, hardware or other
technologies advancing the unmanned systems industry. Other presenters include state and local
government officials and businesses utilizing autonomous systems in innovative ways.

The speaker lineup this year includes Brian Wynne, ​President of AUVSI, the world’s largest
nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to advancing the unmanned systems and robotics
community​; Kevin Switick, President & Co-Founder of AVIAN, a services-based company founded
by U.S. Navy test pilots; and Tony Fernando, the UAS Program Administrator for the Minnesota
Department of Transportation — just to name a few.

Lindsay Breuler, conference curator, believes Drone Focus Conference can play a key role in
advancing the unmanned systems industry.

“There’s incredible potential for the UAS industry in North Dakota, especially with the state being
involved in the UAS Integration Pilot Program, and Drone Focus Conference is facilitating the
connections that can move the industry forward,” said Ms. Breuler.

For more information about the conference, visit ​dronefocuscon.com​.

About Emerging Prairie

Emerging Prairie is an organization that believes in and nurtures the potential of our community.
We have made it our mission to celebrate the entrepreneurs, artists, and creators, specifically in the
high technology space. Emerging Prairie was founded in 2013 by a group of Fargo entrepreneurs
who wanted to make a difference in the community they call home. The organization is based upon
the principles of accelerating entrepreneurs, educating our city, infusing the arts, building on our
bright spots, and practicing radical inclusivity.


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