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The best Wear OS watch faces to download


So you’ve got your Wear OS smartwatch, made your way through that tutorial and now you’re ready to see what that watch is made of.
One thing you know it’s going to be able to do, of course, is tell the time, and you should be able to find a bunch of watch faces already pre-installed onto your device. But what about if you want a little more personalization?

Regardless of whether you’ve splashed the cash on a new Montblanc Summit 2 or Fossil Sport or still have a Fossil Q Explorist HRor Ticwatch E strapped on, you have the power to mix things up in the watch face department.Essential reading: Best smartwatches to buy right nowWe’ve picked some of our faves you can download from the Google Play Store now, which you can do directly from any Wear OS watch if it’s running Wear 2.0. Got some favorites you think need a mention? Let us know in the comments below.UltraNot only does Ultra pack plenty of info on the screen of your smartwatch, it also manages to look cool and funky while doing so. Some features are locked behind a premium upgrade, but there’s plenty to enjoy for free, including weather and battery widgets.
Free, Google PlayDigitless v2.1 in SeafoamDesigned to be easy to read and minimize battery drain, the Digitless face sets the time in colourful words against a black background. You’ll get extra information along the bottom, which vanish in ambient mode, leaving you with just the the time, in words, in white.
Free, FacerRose Gold ScallopIf you’re after something a bit more elegant – but light on information – this one’s a great look, particularly when used with a gold or rose gold case.
Free, FacerMasterFantastic-looking and with the option to cram in plenty of data on screen, Master is for those who really want to make the most of the smart in smartwatch. As with many faces, you can upgrade to a premium version to access some additional advanced features.
Free, Google PlaySkinny Love
Not a free watch face but a gorgeously well designed one, with letters, numbers and icons carefully sketched out by its creators. There are light and dark modes, as well as circular and rectangular designs, with the option to have the seconds shown as a series of dots.
£0.78, Google PlayTimrFor something a little bit different on your wrist , check out Timr, which shows the time and the date and that’s about it. You can customize it to suit your own tastes, though, with a choice of 11 different main colors and three background colors to pick from.
Free, Google PlayFoldsThis one also prefers to use words over numbers, but does so in a more creative way by “layering” different coloured blocks (or maybe that’s meant to be paper) on top of each other. We also like Citrus, a similar face by the same maker.
Free, FacerWatch Face Minimal & ElegantYou have to pay for this one, but once you do you’ll receive access to thousands of different watch face options – it’s an Aladdin’s cave of attractive designs, from digital to analogue and back again, and they can all be customized to suit your personal preferences.£1.29, Google PlayVaer Classic LightA simple but versatile face, the Classic Light is an official creation from watch maker Vaer. So close to resembling Vaer’s physical watches, it even has the 100m water resistant market in the middle – just remember that it isn’t actually going to make your Wear watch any more waterproof. We like the dark blue version too.
Free, FacerRadiiDeveloped for both round and square watch faces, Radii takes its inspiration from the planets. It displays the date, time and battery life in what looks like an echo of our own planetary system. You’ve got the day and date all the way over on the left, while in the center you’ve got the hour with the minutes next to it, almost like a moon. And then on the right you’ve got a little red meter checking on the battery life. Reach for the stars, indeed.
Free, Google PlayPujie BlackNot just a catalog of impressive watch faces but also a watch face designer, so you get an awful lot of value out of your $2 with Pujie Black. Also has the distinction of adding complications before Wear did, with many different combinations possible.£1.29, Google PlayRetro LCD Wear WatchfaceWe love this retro-tastic watch face, inspired by the Casio classics of the 1980s (similar to the Digital Vintage option shown above). As well as telling you the time and prompting feelings of nostalgia, it keeps you updated with the battery status of your wearable.Free, Google PlayMustacheJust a great-looking watch face, full stop, with a choice of different color and theme combinations (some of which you have to pay for). You can see weather and fitness data right on the face itself, and tap on-screen shortcuts to jump to specific watch apps.Free, Google PlayByssWeather for WearAn information-heavy, weather-based app that gives you a wealth of real-time data, with satellite images so you can see when rain is expected, and some nice forecast home screens too. There’s lots of fun for free, but you do have to pay for some premium features.Free, Google PlayModern Times PlutoBeauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we haven’t seen many watch faces quite as aesthetically appealing as this one on our travels. As well as battery indicators for watch and phone, and the time and date, the face has an ambient mode you can customize.Free, Google PlayPear
This collection of watch faces has a simple goal: It just wants to be modern and minimalistic. You’ll get a total of seven different watch faces, which work on both round and square watches. They run the gamut from watch styles, from simple and utility to chronograph, modular and sport. It’s also got support for complications, with date and date-of-week complications being built right in.
Free, Google PlayOreo Watch face
We love the layout of this face, in particular the way it shows the current weather conditions in the top left complication. The blue on the bottom half reminds us of the classic Casio backlight too.
Free, FacerBlack Honey SteelThis uses a unique design with plenty of yellow honeycomb design to give it some flair. There are six spots for information here, lined up with the time for easy glances. There are also three spots for complications that can open up apps. If you want lots of stuff with a bold, unique design, this is it.
Free, Facer


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