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Energy Drone Coalition Plans Significant Growth in Content & Sessions for 2019 Summit

Energy Drone Coalition Plans Significant Growth in Content & Sessions for 2019 Summit 1

Houston, Texas, January 29, 2019 – Following the rapid growth of our 12,000 + global community members, and based on the advice of its Industry Advisory Board, the Energy Drone Coalition, powered by Innovate Energy, is planning for major growth at this year’s Energy Drone & Robotics Summit (June 12-13, in Houston, Texas at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott).

This major expansion includes co-locating the Energy Drone Coalition with the Energy Robotics & AI Network, as well as all-new specific Content Streams for the emerging technologies covered by our sector.

These all-new Content Streams include two days of programming & workshops for each of these key growth areas:

  • UAV Ops
  • Robotics/RPA & Automation
  • Data/AI/Visualization
  • Industrial Unmanned Security & C-UAV

According to Sean Guerre, Director, “As the use cases and projects for UAVs/AUVs and Robotics, as well as the data side, grow so rapidly in the energy and engineering unmanned sector, the demand for additional in-depth and real-world content specific to these growing technology areas of focus is expected by our community.”

Additional attendees are coming from around the world who are focused on autonomous systems beyond UAVs, including:

  • Surface/subsurface AUVs and ground robotics for inspection
  • Data analysts and GIS experts focused on the data workflows, AI and analysis
  • And the growth of UAVs and Robotics for unmanned security and C-UAV 

These Content Streams will deliver what the industry needs most – quality content for the asset owners and engineering firms.

The Summit’s original focus, UAV Operations (which includes key topics such as BVLOS, UTM and operating for inspections, mapping and surveying in the industrial critical infrastructure environment), also gains significant additional programming as a Content Stream in 2019.  

The growth of thermal, LiDAR, gas detection, satellite, indoor inspections, and EH&S/Emergency Response aspects of UAVs in Oil & Gas, Power/Utilities and Chemical/Petrochemical facilities will also be explored.

In addition to the new Content Streams, major keynotes and mega-panels will be featured each day discussing the vital industry trends and topics that cross over all of the technologies and areas of operation.

The Energy Drone & Robotics Summit’s content growth also extends to two Learning Labs for industry use cases, technology updates, STEM student programs and business development sessions for drone service providers, as well as live demonstrations in the Drone Zone and Robot Row.

For 2019, the Expo will also be expanded, with over 100 dedicated solution providers showcasing their products and services specifically for the industrial, energy & engineering market.

Also notable, for the first time, the Exhibition Hall will be open to general visitors, in addition to the conference attendees, for the full two days.

For information on getting involved with the Energy Drone & Robotics communities to showcase use cases or display technology and services, view available opportunities here.

Speaker and topic submissions are currently being accepted [deadline February 14]; please view this page for more information.

Further details about the Energy Drone & Robotics Summit & Expo are available at energydronecoalition.com.

About Energy Drone Coalition/Energy Robotics & AI Network

The Energy Drone Coalition and Energy Robotics & AI Network is a forum dedicated to launching, growing and scaling enterprise UAV/Robotics operations in energy companies worldwide by bringing together the major rapidly growing segments within the UAV/AUV/Robotics ecosystem, with the energy industrial complex asset owners and end users.

These are the only events and information resources exclusively focused on the business and technology of UAVs/Robotics (aerial, ground/surface & subsea) in energy operations.

The goal of the Energy Drone Coalition and Energy Robotics & AI Network is to connect fellow energy UAV/Robotics experts & specialists, energy company UAV operators & executives, regulators, UAV/Robotics hardware, software, data technology specialists all specifically aimed at efficient, successful & safe drone operations globally around critical infrastructure/energy facilities. energydronecoalition.com.

About InnovateEnergy

The energy industry is entering a period of significant disruption and opportunity as the race to find digital solutions and innovations becomes vital for success…

InnovateEnergy is your single-resource solution that delivers digital content, executive insights, thought leadership, “how-to” and “real-world” use cases in multiple channels for energy technology and innovation leaders worldwide. InnovateEnergy brings together energy leaders in industries such as VR/AR, robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, energy digital innovation, and technology.

Multiple events/communities existing within InnovateEnergy: the Energy Drone & Robotics Summit, the Energy Robotics & AI Network, the Industrial VR/AR ForumInnovateEnergy Leadership ForumEnergy Innovator’s Council and WorkforceNEXT Energy. Through these communities, InnovateEnergy will provide the latest trends, best practices, news and solutions surrounding the advancements of technology in the energy industry. Innov8.Energy.

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