Jessica Jones Season 3: Everything We Know

The latest season of Jessica Jones was a hit with critics. We praised the show for its willingness to step out of the shadow of its excellent first season, and how it shows genuine growth for Jessica, Trish Walker, Malcolm, Jeri Hogarth, and others. But the big question is: will Jessica Jones Season 3 happen?

Yes it will. This is good to know because Jessica Jones Season 3 was never a sure thing, as nothing should be taken for granted with any Netflix show, let alone a Marvel one. For example, Krysten Ritter recently said that it doesn’t look like The Defenders Season 2 will happen, for example.

Apparently, Jessica Jones Season 3 is already filming. And the best news? Krysten Ritter will make her directorial debut for an episode.

“I am beyond thrilled to make my directorial debut on Marvel’s Jessica Jones,” Ritter said in a statement. “The entire crew and cast has become family to me, and I’m so appreciative of the opportunity to work with our incredible team in this new way. I am so grateful that Melissa Rosenberg, Jeph Loeb, Marvel, and Netflix entrusted me to take the reins.”

That brings us to the next big question…

Jessica Jones Season 3 Release Date

When will we see Jessica Jones Season 3? We’ll see second seasons of The Punisher and Iron Fist, as well as the third season of Daredevil before we get Jessica back. 

The series is filming right now, so we’ll conservatively estimate Jessica Jones Season 3 to arrive in November 2019, which would give Marvel and Netflix time to clear the decks of all those other shows. We’ll update this as soon as there’s any kind of official confirmation.

Jessica Jones Season 3 Story

We have our own ideas of what shape Jessica Jones Season 3 might take. We detailed all of them right here.

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