Voltron Season 7: Everything We Know

The sixth season of Voltron ended with the team all reunited and Keith back in the seat of the Black Lion as its paladin. When can we expect to see Voltron season 7? Right now it’s hard to say but there are some reasonable guesses we can make.

Voltron Season 7 Release Date

While we don’t have any official word on the drop date for Voltron season 7 we now know, thanks to Nerdist, that the season 7 premiere will be screened at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, July 20, at 10:15AM! 

As for when it will premiere on Netflix proper, the show’s production history might hold a clue. Keeping this very brief, Voltron: Legendary Defender was originally planned to be six seasons of thirteen episodes each. Netflix then split season 3 onward into half seasons each. What this mean is what we just saw as season 6 was originally supposed to be the second half of season 4.

So that could mean we’ll have to wait longer for Voltron season 7 than we did for season 6, since this will be the start of what would have been a whole new season. Stay tuned for more information on that!

As for the episode count, it’s a safe guess that it’ll be six or seven episodes as the last four seasons have been.

We’ll update this with official confirmation as soon as we have it.

Shamus Kelley is a pop culture/television writer and official Power Rangers expert. Follow him on Twitter!  

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