Sci Fi Fidelity Podcast: The Rain, Humans, Cloak and Dagger

This month’s opening discussion kicks off with a continuation of our genre showrunner discussion. This time we’re focusing on our favorite female executive producers/writers in the sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural field, a trend which will hopefully grow over time.

Our show topics this month include a look at the first season of The Rain, a Danish import on Netflix that joins the streaming giant’s increasing focus on international fare, and the season 3 premiere of Humans, which aired on June 5, 2018 here in the states on AMC.

Join us for our extremely entertaining conversation with Joe Pokaski, the showrunner of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, which premiered on Freeform on June 7, 2018.

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Female Showrunners – 2:07
The Rain – 12:35
Humans – 37:57
Cloak & Dagger Interview – 59:50

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