Watch a fantastic automotive future unfold at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show

The 2018 Geneva Motor Show is just getting started for the general public, but the press days are wrapped and we’ve seen a ton of stuff. There’s a lot on TechCrunch to look back at if you’re curious about highlights, but the video above also provides a look at some of the more interesting, out there, and just the coolest things that were unveiled or on display at one of the more extravagant car shows in the world.

What you won’t see are a lot of the more outlandish and pricey hypercars that were on display: You’ll likely never be able to afford one of those anyway, and this is the publication where we’re more interested in what’s coming next anyway.

Luckily, everyone had thoughts on the future of vehicles, cars and transportation. Autonomy featured heavily into most of the concept cars unveiled at Geneva, like the new I.D. Vizzion from Volkswagen with its Level 5 autonomous control-free cabin, and the Renault EZ-GO self-driving trackless tram car concept. Plus there were more flying cars looking at or near production readiness than you’d usually expect to see under one roof.

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