Black Mirror Season 5 Confirmed By Netflix

Black Mirror Season 5 is officially a go at Netflix!

The news arrived with a teaser video, claiming, “The future will be brighter than ever.” However, said bright future (which probably won’t require shades,) didn’t come with any substantive details regarding when Black Mirror Season 5 will arrive, or, for that matter, how many episodes we’ll get.

Yet, using precedence as our gauge (Season 3 arrived on October 21, 2016 and Season 4 arrived on December 29, 2018), we can presume it’s coming somewhere in the last quarter of 2018.

Black Mirror – which launched in late-2011 – comes off the December 2017 drop of its fourth season, which achieved unprecedented critical acclaim and mainstream attention, notably thanks to its experimental Star Trek love letter (and genuinely frightening metaphysical quandary) kickoff episode, USS Callister, and a prospective fifth season seemed like a foregone conclusion. However, a small measure of doubt lingered about Black Mirror Season 5, since creator Charlie Brooker’s last deal with Netflix (for two six-episode seasons and a Christmas special,) had come and gone. – Well, we can now dismiss that miniscule crisis as averted.

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Netflix is clearly having a blast being the official home of Black Mirror (the first two seasons aired on boring old television for British station Channel 4). The show’s social media accounts were seemingly omnipresent in the long lead up to Season 4. Indeed, the show is clearly at the height of its pop cultural powers and attention, so it would be rather silly to stop now.

We’ll be sure to update this post as we get more official information. For now, you can follow along with our Black Mirror Season 4 coverage.

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