Voltron Season 5 Trailer and Release Date

Voltron Legendary Defender is back for season five and it’s coming sooner than you think! We’ve got a new trailer for the series below the promises lots of conflict between the Paladins, Zarkon, and Prince Lotor.

Voltron Season 5 Trailer

This look at season five is a doozy. Of particular note is the shot of Allura looking at a White Lion. This must be a reference to the original Voltron 84 episode “Secret of the White Lion”. There’s also a sneak preview clip that features Pidge, Hunk, and Lance getting into some zany antics.

Want more sneak previews? We’ve got you covered. This one features Lance training. You all love Lance, right?

We also have some stills from Season Five that aren’t in the trailer.


Voltron Season 5 Release Date

If you’re going to be Emerald City Comic-Con, the first episode of the new season will screen at the Voltron panel on March 1st! Source: Let’s Voltron Podcast.

Voltron’s official Instagram just posted a graphic of Lotor and if you look in the bottom right corner you can see that all new episodes will be released on March 2nd. This lines up with Netflix’s tendency to release seasons on a Friday.

You can find the Instagram post below.

We currently aren’t sure how many episodes Voltron Season 5 will contain, although co-executive producer Lauren Montgomery commented at San Diego Comic-Con they won’t be going back to the full 13 episode seasons like they had in seasons 1 and 2.

We need ten billion percent more Vehicle Voltron in Season Five. Or Slav. Follow him on Twitter!  

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