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Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch


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Updated for December 2017

Don’t fear the reaper. Fear us, Netflix and our combined desires to terrify you. 

Contrary to popular opinon, there are very few things in life more valuable than being terrified. Nothing will get your imagination churning and your adrenaline pumping better than a horror movie.

So here we’ve compiled the best horror movies on Netflix so you can tap into your inner child and look inside your closet every night before you get in bed. Surely there is nothing in that clos….BOOOO! Did we get you? Probably not, you’ll have to watch the best horror movies on Netflix

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 1

The Awakening

For anyone who thinks paranormal phenomena only exist in movies, The Awakening could turn even the most skeptical “there are no such things as ghosts” cynics into hardcore believers. They will be after seeing an investigator hired to debunk a haunting in the post-World War II era ends up more terrified than anyone who swore they could see shimmering visions of the dead. Watching Catherine’s psyche (and painfully curled 40s hair) unravel as the thing she denies the most comes to life right before her disbelieving eyes is strangely satisfying—that is, if you’re not completely horrified from the unnerving revelations about her past that bubble to the surface.

Irony aside, Catherine’s harrowing experience investigating the spirit she so desperately doesn’t want to believe in mutates with the monsters that haunt the back of her mind. If you’re a fan of The Others, leave the lights on for this one.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 2

The Babadook

When Stephen King once discussed his inspiration for writing The Shining, he recalled the time he discovered his young son had destroyed story notes in his office. “I could kill him,” King mused of his mindset in that moment. Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook likewise finds the darker side of parenting with the scariest film of 2014.

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A horror movie that is ostensibly about what happens when a single, low-income mother discovers that her child’s nightmare boogeyman is real, there is genuinely realterror here that comes beating from the darker side of her “Babadook” heart. While a loving son, there is no denying that the film’s young Samuel is a “problem child,” and through supernatural possession his mama has found a grim solution of sorts. When William Friedkin calls it the most terrifying horror movie he’s seen, you’re doing something right. The Babadook can’t be fond on any other streaming service so it’s one of the best horror movies on Netflix indeed.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 3

Beyond the Gates

Board games can be creepy. VHS tapes can be creepy. Combine the creepiest versions of both and you’ve got yourself a really creepy movie. Beyond the Gates debuted just last year at the L.A. Film Festival and has ridden its way to Netflix on tremendous word of mouth. The indie horror movie involves two brothers who got to their father’s estate to settle his affairs after his death. While at his house, they discover a mysterious VHS board game that eventually leads them to clues regarding their father’s death…and pure abject horror.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 4

Children of the Corn

Stephen King would have probably never guessed that what started as a short story about a teenage death cult’s horrific sacrifices to a shadowy figure (referred to only as He Who Walks Behind the Rows) would harvest its own cult of horror fans. When an unsuspecting couple driving through town is sidetracked by by something gruesome on the edge of a cornfield, they get entangled with a group of brainwashed adolescents whose temple for all things unholy is the local church. There is blood, and corn leaves, and more blood. Then someone gets crucified.

Children of the Corn has that element of primal fear—like your heart beating so loud you can hear the blood roaring in your ears among the ominous rustle of the corn stalks as you run frantically through the never-ending fields. Whoever’s foreboding voice called it “an adult nightmare” in the original 1984 trailer was dead on.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 5

Cult of Chucky

Who could have imagined that a horror franchise about a demonic child’s doll would last seven movies? Actually that sounds pretty rad. There really is no upper limit on this thing. Yes, Chucky and friends return in this seventh installment of the Child’s Play franchise. Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) remains in a mental institution following the events of Curse of Chucky. While there she is assigned a Good Guy doll as a form of therapy. I mean…come on, man. Trained medical professionals should just know better than that. Sure enough blood hits the fan shortly thereafter.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 6

Extraordinary Tales

Some of Edgar Allan Poe’s most terror-inducing tales creep and crawl off the page in this animated horrorshow that isn’t just for kids. The aesthetic of each tale illustrates its particular terror. His Victorian nightmares materialize onscreen in different forms of animation ranging from eerie silhouettes to comic-book graphics to a 3-D effect that makes phantoms pop like digital origami. Poe himself (as—what else—a raven) converses with Death between tales, giving you enough time to catch your breath and calm the beating of your hideous heart before the next freakout.

The Tell-Tale Heart pounds beneath the floorboards in a series of black and white silhouettes, a stark visual of innocence and murder, set to a vintage narration by Bela Lugosi. The torture chamber in the Pit and the Pendulum is so lifelike you think you’re the one about to be razored open. Poe must be grinning from beyond the grave.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 7

The Fury

Brian De Palma is the filmmaker responsible for possibly the best adaptation of a Stephen King novel (Carrie), but he followed that up with this equally perverse, but sadly less remembered, cult classic. The Fury is essentially a grim, nihilist’s version of what would happen if Charles Xavier and Jean Grey were not so nice.

In this horror film, twin siblings have the ability to enter anyone’s mind–and kill them in the most De Palma way possible. This is used to negative effect by the U.S. government and features fun performances by Kirk Douglas and John Cassavettes. It also includes Carrie‘s Amy Irving.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 8


Be careful when you wish for something to wake up your numb suburban existence. Disembodied spirits will start whispering about murders behind the walls of your stereotypical house on video. You’ll soon find yourself in a basement dungeon hiding much more sinister things than just cobwebs and ancient furniture. Your fingers will push back the curtains between past and future, dead and not-yet-living. You will unleash a bloodless specter with homicidal tendencies. Somewhere in the middle of all this you’ll also realize something else about yourself…

What’s especially terrifying about Haunter is how normal everything seems. It unravels like a 90s-flashback teenage murder mystery until the invisible walls of time between what was and what will be start to shatter, and the pale man can kill you all over again

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 9


Of the first of three theatrical films that Clive Barker would direct himself, Hellraiser would go on to warrant eight sequels and create one of the most notorious horror franchises of all time. That said, this isn’t about the sequels. Part of the beauty of Hellraiser is how little we actually know about what is going on. While later tales would explain the origins of Pinhead and his Cenobites, the first film leaves this up to interpretation.

Hellraiser focuses on the relationship between Julia and Frank, not on the Cenobites’ interference (well, not until the end anyway). The first film is not the broad battle against evil the later installments would be, but an incredibly unique haunted house story. A corrupt romance growing ever more so. Sex and violence mixed with blood and guts. With a budget of roughly $1 million, Barker is able to craft a tale far more interesting and disturbing than better funded projects, the sequels included. Pain and pleasure, indivisible.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 10


You probably have had that moment: the one where you’re not sure if you can truly understand what your partner is thinking. Well, the greatly underappreciated Honeymoon takes that sensation and amplifies it a thousand-fold for incredibly icky, body horror results.

Essentially flipping the script from Rosemary’s Baby, Harry Treadaway and Rose Leslie (of Penny Dreadful and Game of Thrones fame, respectively) are visiting the bride’s family lake house as a honeymoon retreat. They weren’t planning on going outside much anyway. However, perhaps they should, as things get a bit tense once Treadaway’s Paul finds Bea (Leslie) walking naked in the woods at night, completely catatonic at first. After that things get weird.

Even if you have a rough idea where Honeymoon is going from that point on, the slow burn will still eventually get under your skin. As the husband realizes he has no idea what’s going on in his wife’s pretty head, you start to second guess even your best theories. And then things enter the realm of the truly fucked up for the finale.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 11

The Host

One of the greatest horror movies of the past decade is on Netflix, and it is a beautiful monster to behold. As what was once the most popular South Korean film ever upon its release, The Host was the third horror movie from genre master Bong Joon-ho and starred the country’s biggest star, Song Kang-ho. However, more important than all the glitz, is that at its core there was a truly special chiller that acts just as much as a modern Grimm fairy tale as it does a delightfully twisted creature feature.

Inspired by real events in 2000 when a Korean mortician contracted by the U.S. military stationed in Seoul dumped large amounts of formaldehyde down the drain and into the Han river, leading to a small eco-crisis, a political disaster for the U.S. government, and deformed fish, The Host imagines a scenario where ambivalent U.S. officials dump even more of the stuff into the waterway, causing the birth of a giant amphibious monster. Soon, it attacks the mainland and kidnaps Park Gang-du’s (Kang-ho) daughter, Hyun-seo (Go Ah-sung).

What follows is a surprisingly moving and transcendent account of a man chasing a giant monster (designed in the WETA workshop, no less!) to bring his child home.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 12


In his follow-up to the cult classic Oculus, Mike Flanagan makes one of the cleverer horror movies on this list. Hush is a thrilling game of cat-and-mouse with the typical nightmare of a home invasion occurring, yet it also turns conventions of that familiar terror on its head. For instance, the savvy angle about this movie is Kate Siegel (who co-wrote the movie with Flanagan) plays Maddie, a deaf and mute woman living in the woods alone. Like Audrey Hepburn’s blind woman from the progenitor of home invasion stories, Wait Until Dark (1967), Maddie is completely isolated when she is marked for death by a menacing monster in human flesh.

Further, like the masked villains of so many more generic home invasion movies (I’m looking square at you, Strangers), John Gallagher Jr.’s “Man” wears a mask as he sneaks into her house. However, the functions of this story are laid bare since we actually keep an eye on what the “Man” is doing at all times, and how he is getting or not getting into the house in any given scene. He is not aided by filmmakers who’ve given him faux-supernatural and omnipotent abilities like other versions of these stories, and he’s not an “Other;” he is a man who does take his mask off, and his lust for murder is not so much fetishized as shown for the repulsive behavior that it is. And still, Maddie proves to be both resourceful and painfully ill-equipped to take him on in this tense battle of wills.

All of this inversion and shrewdness makes Hush one of several excellent horror movies to come out of 2016.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 13

The Invitation

Seeing your ex is always uncomfortable, but imagine if your ex-wife invited you to a dinner party with her new husband? That is just about the least creepy thing in this new, taut thriller nestled in the Hollywood Hills. Indeed, in The Invitation Logan Marshall-Green’s Will is invited by his estranged wife (Tammy Blanchard) for dinner with her new hubby David (Michael Huisman of Game of Thrones ). David apparently wanted to extend the bread-breaking offer personally since he has something he wants to invite both Will and all his other guests into joining. And it isn’t a game of Scrabble…

Intense, strange, and not what you expect, this is one of the more inventive thrillers of 2016.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 14

It Follows

Independent horror has been enjoying a wonderful renaissance over the last three years, and David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows has been right at the forefront of this, hypnotically swaying away in its perverse delirium. Here is a movie that most forcefully makes the connection between death and sex, sin and punishment, which has haunted the genre for decades. And by setting its deconstructionist fairytale in a dreamlike amalgamation of the 1980s and the 21st century, it proves that Reagan era suburbia is our generation’s windswept European castles.

But above all else, it’s just an unnerving viewing experience that makes the relentless sensation of dread and death as inescapable for youth as the ticking crocodile is for a middle-aged Captain Hook. Maika Monroe’s Jay is a young woman who finds peace in illicit rendezvouses, but is then cruelly punished when her new boyfriend spreads a kind of supernatural STD: it’s a curse where once you have it, a ghost will slowly but eternally chase you until it can rape you to death… lest you pass the curse to someone else, who in turn must spread it farther afield. Cynical feminism or regressive exploitation? It’s an ongoing argument, but either way this movie is scary.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 15


Oh sure, summer might be over but there is never a bad time to watch Jaws. As one of the all-time great achievements in cinema, this Steven Spielberg classic successfully welded the auteur-fueled creativity of 1970s Hollywood with the burgeoning blockbuster commerce that would killed it. The movie also remains scary as hell.

By using John Williams’ menacing piano piece, the film returns viewers to a primal state of fear when our ancestors were not on the apex of the food chain. The happy accident of a broken electronic shark also means that we barely see the beastie, which makes his devastation all the more terrifying over 40 years later.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 16

Killing Ground

So you think you know the term “survival horror?” Not until you’ve seen Killing Ground, you don’t. Killing Ground is like Deliverance on speed. Australian couple Sam and Ian decide to take a nice, relaxing camping trip out in nature. Things don’t go quite as well as planned when the couple discover a bloodied infant wandering through the brush. That sets them on a path to uncover and incredibly grisly crime and then struggle to escape. Never go camping. Never ever ever ever go camping.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 17

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Christmas movie, not a Halloween movie. The 1993 movie is based on a poem by Tim Burton and directed by start-stop animation wizard Henry Selick. The music was written by Danny Elfman, who sings the part of Jack Skellington. Chris Sarandon (Dog Day Afternoon, Fright Night) does the speaking voice. Catherine O’Hara (After Hours, Best In Show) plays Sally, the rag doll created to keep William Hickey’s mad scientist company, but who loves Jack. Paul Reubens, aka Pee Wee plays a trick or treater loyal to the Boogie Man.

Skellington discovers a portal from Halloween Town to Christmas Town and decides to exchange gifts. The voices are wonderful. The songs are perennial. You can watch this with your kids when they are infants to get away from whatever kiddie shows they’re supposed to be watching. You become a kid again. It is that transformative.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 18


Another scary movie from 2014, Oculus also holds the title of being one of the most tragic in recent memory. Starring geek favorite Karen Gillan with a convincing American accent, this horror film plays like a particularly grim opera when two estranged siblings are reunited as adults after a decade’s distance.

Apparently on an ugly night 10 years ago, Tim Russell (Brenton Thwaites) killed his father to defend himself and his sister. However, Tim insisted that an evil mirror forced his father’s hand. For his honesty, Tim was locked up in a psychiatric ward while older sister Kaylie (Gillan) waited on the outside. As an adult, Tim knows that he was simply coping with a traumatic situation… but Kaylie suspects that some things are evil simply on their own. Including a mirror that can distort your perception of reality.

On the day Tim gets out, Kaylie reveals she has acquired the mirror that they once both believed took their parents’ souls. And now she wants to prove her theory right by destroying it. But the mirror has other plans for the wayward children. And they’re deliriously cruel.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 19


Raw is bloody and violent and weird and French and brilliant. It’s a French-Belgian movie from director Julia Ducournau about one young vegetarian woman and her sudden onset of…well, cannibalism. Justine attends a veterinarian school to continue her family’s tradition of animal care and vegitarianism. One day she is forced to participate in a hazing ritual in which she is forced to eat raw rabbit kidney. That triggers something deep within her that leads her on an all-consuming pursuit of human flesh. Raw is nowhere near as corny as that description makes it sound. It’s actually quite artful and interesting, being French and all. It’s also a deceptively complete feminist fairy tale. 

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 20

The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense is much more than a twist ending. The nearly 20-year-old movie has been meme’d to within an inch of its life even back before we had a term for internet memes. “I see dead people,” the twist ending, etc. On some level that’s a shame because M. Night Shyamalan’s first big budget film effort remains a surprisingly excellent horror movie to this day.

Haley Joel Osment stars as the young Cole Sears, a boy plagued by visions of dead people wandering around his day-to-day life. Bruce Willis steps in as therapist Malcolm Crowe to help Cole. Seeing dead people in the condition in which they died every day is a pretty horrifying concept. And no amount of twist ending surprises can rob the images of the dead that populate The Sixth Sense of some power. This is a movie that is certainly overdo for a rewatch. 

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 21


Here’s one that really cuts to the heart of the matter for both body horror and plenty of the vampire/demon lover mythology. In Teeth, Jes Weixler plays Dawn, a young woman who has not lost her virginity and is scared to do so. Dealing with heavy pressure from society to be both the virigin and the whore (she is in high school), she is in constant fear of her own body and sexuality. Soon, young men are likewise terrified since she suffers from the condition “vagina dentata.” No longer just a term to describe men’s fascination and fear of female genitalia, the term in this film means actual dental teeth lying in wait for any man who takes advantage of her without her consent.

Unfortunately for Dawn, she lives in a world where that is all too common (much like our own). Almost every man she meets is willing to use violence to get what he wants, and Dawn has her violent defense system to make sure that he never gets anything again after the teeth bite down. Both cathartic justice for a woman wronged, as well as the most nightmarish scenario imaginable for any male viewer, Teeth has to be seen to be believed.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 22

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a fantastic little satire on the horror genre that, in a similar fashion to Scream, is packed with laughs, gore, and a bit of a message. When a group of preppy college students head out to the backwoods for a camping trip, they stumble upon two good-natured good ol’ boys that they mistake for homicidal hillbillies.

Their quick, off-the-mark judgment of Tucker and Dale lead to these snobs getting themselves into sticky, often bloody, and hilariously over-the-top situations. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil rides a one-joke premise to successful heights and teaches audiences to not judge a book by its cover.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 23

Under the Shadow

This recent 2016 effort could not possibly be more timely as it sympathizes, and terrorizes, an Iranian single mother and child in 1980s Tehran. Like a draconian travel ban, Shideh (Narges Rashidi) and her son Dorsa (Avin Manshadi) are malevolently targeted by a force of supreme evil. This occurs after Dorsa’s father, a doctor, is called away to serve the Iranian army in post-revolution and war-torn Iran. In his absence evil seeps in… as does a quality horror movie with heightened emotional weight.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 24


Anthologies seem to be the way of the future for television. Thankfully, movies are starting to understand the appeal as well. V/H/S is a wonderfully-executed horror anthology film with an interesting setup. The setup is that four criminals are tasked with breaking into a home to steal a VHS tape. So the gang goes about doing so and in the process they discover more than just one tape. The contents on those tapes represent the short horror films we the audience get to watch. V/H/S is interesting, novel and most importantly: scary.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 25


We tried to keep found footage off this list as much as possible. However, Netflix continues rotating out the greatest horror, and sometimes a few bits of found footage are more than worth suffering through the gimmickry of an overall presentation. That is why we are not really recommending all of V/H/S/2, but simply two terrific sequences in it.

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The first is Eduardo Sánchez and Gregg Hale’s pretty nifty reinvention of the zombie genre, “A Ride in the Park.” The perfect amount of screentime for the film to feel clever without overstaying its welcome, the short features a cyclist named Mike who is trying to make a Go Pro video with a camera mounted on his helmet. Yet, when he finds a hiker that appears to have bitten off more than he can chew, Mike tries to be a good guy and stops to help. Things get wickedly fun from there.

Yet, the real standout is “Safe Haven,” a bizarre and exhilarating nightmare from Timo Tjahjanto and Gareth Evans (of The Raid films!). When a news crew infiltrates an Indonesian cult that babbles about prophecy and the end of the world, they are shocked to discover that there is something even more sinister going on here than is imaginable. Relying on long, seemingly sustained handheld camera shots, “Safe Haven” goes completely into the realm of madness and Lovecraftian levels of freakiness as the short film rushes through a pulsating third act that will not let up.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now: Scary Movies to Watch 26

The Void

What is Stranger Things-esque ’80s throwback The Void about? Allow Den of Geek critic Kirsten Howard to explain: “The film’s plot is simple enough, with an Assault On Precinct 13-esque set-up. A fairly small gaggle of unfortunate souls find themselves trapped in a run-down hospital one evening, as a large cult of robe-wearing knife-wielders bear down on them from the outside and a plethora of endlessly-transforming gooey monsters try to consume them from the inside.”


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