Sense8 Finale Movie Begins Production


A months ago Netflix cancelled Sense8 and the fan outcry was immediate. Hashtags were started, campaigns mounted, and Netflix was bombarded with e-mails and calls. It’s no surprise, since season two was left on such a major cliffhanger, that fans desperately wanted some kind of resolution.

At first it wasn’t enough. Netflix told fans on their Facebook page that they tried to make it work but they just couldn’t. All hope seemed lost.

Then out of nowhere the Sense8 twitter posted that a two hour special would be released next year. Thanks to the Sense8 twitter account we know that the movie has now officially gone into production.

An earlier letter from Lana Wachowski, one of the creators of Sense8, confirmed the ratings weren’t there for Sense8 in its first two seasons but that fans made enough of an outcry that Netflix will at least give the creative team a way to wrap up the story. How much it wraps up the story is still up in the air, since the series was originally planned to last for five seasons. Hopefully Lana and the others give the series some sense of closure, since they barely got this special to happen. 

All we know for now is we’ll find out what happens to Wolfgang.

The letter seemed to leave open the possibility that there could be more Sense8 after this special but the chance of that seems remote.

No matter what happens, you did it Sense8 fans. This two hour special wouldn’t be in the works without you.

Oh my god does Shamus Kelley cry. He cries all the time. Follow him on Twitter!  

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