GoPro’s Fusion 360 camera launches in November at $699


GoPro’s Fusion 360 camera launches in November at $699

GoPro’s first 360-degree camera, the Fusion, is hitting shelves in November at $699.

The company showcased the new device and its 360 capabilities on a massive planetarium screen in San Francisco’s Academy of Sciences museum. We got a sneak peek at the device back in June but details were light. Today, we’re getting a closer look at the first GoPro that captures everything around you.

The device captures 5.2K spherical content at 30fps and captures a more pleasant 60fps at 3K. You’ll also be able to capture 18MP stills with the tightly designed camera. Otherwise, the Fusion is water-proof up to 5 meters in depth. The camera is designed to work with most mounts.

Spherical content isn’t an unheard of avenue for GoPro users, except previous to this release, capturing 360 has required users to frankenstein multiple GoPro’s together in different directions and rely on the company’s Omni stitching software to make the magic happen.

The company’s new OverCapture feature will ensure that the Fusion does more than spit out spheres, allowing you to “recapture” and share your footage in a more traditional fixed perspective video. The mode should give editors unprecedented abilities to edit in post-production, not only altering the footage but choosing the frame itself, allowing users “to see something you missed,” Woodman says.

This definitely seems like something that should be pretty time-intensive, but utilizing the GoPro app, users are able to use the company’s smartphone app to capture the window they want just by holding the phone up and panning inside the spherical capture.

The spherical camera is coming in at a hefty price point, but we’ll see how the performance stacks up with some hands-on time today. If you’re more interested in a traditional GoPro action cam, check out the newly launched Hero6.

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