N.Y. regulators issued Equifax with a subpoena, per report


N.Y. regulators issued Equifax with a subpoena, per report

Equifax was issued a subpoena from New York state’s financial service regulators in regards to the massive data breach the company announced last month, Reuters reported today. The regulators want Equifax to provide more information, which is about right since it seems like Equifax has changed the story several times since the first announcement.

Specifically, Reuters states the subpoena is looking for documents related to the data breach and details on when the company first learned about the hack.

Equifax llearned about a major breach in its systems in March, well before it disclosed a massive breach that included sensitive information for 143 million consumers, according to a Bloomberg report. Apparently someone in New York’s regulator office wants to get the story straight.

The breach, which Equifax disclosed earlier this month, contained a massive database of information that could lead to potential identity theft or fraud. The information included sensitive data like Social Security numbers, dates of birth, addresses and potentially drivers license numbers. This new hack is likely to complicate an already complex situation. The company said in its initial announcement that it discovered the major leak on July 29, which it disclosed on September 7.

Since disclosing the breach, Equifax lost several executives including the CEO who stepped down yesterday.

Equifax did not return TechCrunch’s request for comment.

Featured Image: TechCrunch

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