Will House of Cards Season 6 Happen?


So after blowing through all 13 episodes of the latest season of House of Cards like Donald Trump through a bucket of KFC, you’ve spent months wondering when you’ll get more fourth wall-breaking, Southern accent having, dry wit, right? When will we get House of Cards season 6?

Well, the first question, my constituents, is to ask: will House of Cards Season 6 happen at all? You see, the thing is, Netflix has yet to confirm House of Cards Season 6, which seems unthinkable, but it’s true. But let’s get real, this is the show that practically put Netflix on the map as far as scripted original programming goes, and as long as there is intrigue in the government, there will probably be room for it on the schedule.

Not that you should consider this a confirmation, but Robin Wright recently made reference to House of Cards season 6 in an unrelated interview, joking that Donald Trump has “stolen all our ideas for season 6.” 

House of Cards Season 6 Possible Release Date

The first three seasons all appeared in February, with season 4 in March. This year was the first time they made us wait until May. Unless they go right into production, it seems unlikely that House of Cards Season 6 would premiere in early 2018, so maybe we’re looking at mid to late 2018. If it premieres 13-14 months after the previous season (as the last two did), then perhaps June or July might be a good time for a back porch barbecue next to Francis Underwood? We’ll update this when we know more!

House of Cards Season 6 Story Details

While it is impossible to know what the sixth season will entail, particularly when neither the producers or Netflix will confirm its officially in production, co-showrunners Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson still have more than a tease about a potential season 6. Indeed, they’ve clearly put some thought into what House of Cards will look like in a world with Claire Underwood as president and Frank Underwood on the outside looking in while under investigation.

While speaking about President Claire Underwood with The Hollywood Reporter, Pugilese said, “Now that she’s become more ambitious, or actually just more pronounced with her ambitions openly about what she wants, her complicity is going to be different than Francis’ complicity. How does she manifest her ambitions in that complicity that she’s looking for in the audience and eventually the voter?”

Robin Wright also spoke with the trade about Claire in a potential new season, saying she imagines Claire will be the best president ever depicted on House of Cards. With that said, Wright added, “How she gets there and achieves that is a whole other thing regarding the opera of the show.”

Showrunner Gibson meanwhile told TV Line: “We were trying, in a disciplined way, to navigate that shift at the end of last season [when Claire first talked to the camera] and not overplay it [this season]. But I think it’s inevitable that that will need to be explored further [in season 6].”

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