Luke Cage Season 2: Everything We Know


“Always forward.”

Marvel’s Luke Cage Season 2 is officially going ahead at Netflix. This shouldn’t surprise anybody, considering the strong viewership and positive critical reaction the show received. In fact, the show about the man with unbreakable skin managed to “break” Netflix during its opening weekend.

The series is currently filming in New York City.

Luke Cage Season 2 Latest News

Warning: This tidbit is a SPOILER for The Defenders!

The Defenders’ epic conclusion was packed with consequential occurrences for the titular team of Marvel Netflix heroes. Yet, it was especially costly for Simone Missick’s police detective Misty Knight, whose right arm was severed by the sword of the revived Hand co-founder Bakuto (Ramón Rodríguez). However, a preview image from the upcoming Luke Cage Season 2 (arriving via EW,) shows that – as hinted in The Defenders finale – the interminable resources of Danny Rand/Iron Fist will help Misty fulfill the destiny of her Marvel Comics counterpart.

Gentleman, we can rebuild her! Seen walking with friend/old flame Luke Cage (Mike Colter), Misty sports a black robot prosthetic arm that apparently yields articulation that’s precise enough for it to serve as her gun-wielding hand.

The Defenders showed Misty in hot water with her boss and it’s not quite clear if this robot-hand-wielding version is still with the police force. However, she does seem close to pursuing her Marvel Comics destiny to join Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) in a heroic femme-fatale team-up known as “Daughters of the Dragon.” Indeed, the two had some scenes together in The Defenders that hinted sparks of a potential bond. The partnership debuted in 1977, later featured prominently in the pages of Marvel Team-Up, Iron Fist and the merged Power Man and Iron Fist series.

Of course, a full, modern, comic book conversion would require Misty to rock a golden robotic arm (developed by Tony Stark in the comics), don a red tactical suit and an afro. – An intriguing, but unlikely aesthetic choice for these more grounded Netflix Marvel “street level” shows.

Luke Cage Season 2 Release Date

There’s no release date info at the moment, other than the “coming soon” promised in the video. However, don’t expect to see Luke Cage Season 2 before 2018. Mike Colter recently confirmed that production will begin in June and wrap in March 2018. So don’t expect this one until later in 2018. We’ll next see Mike Colter’s Luke Cage in The Defenders, alongside other Marvel Netflix superheroes like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist. 

Of course, if it turns out we’re wrong about that, we’ll update this with more details as they become available.

Meanwhile, if you want to relive season one, we have a complete breakdown of every single Marvel reference and easter egg right here.

Read and download the full Den of Geek Special Edition magazine here!

Luke Cage Season 2 Cast

There will be some new characters this time around, which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Gabrielle Dennis (Insecure, Rosewood) has joined the cast as Tilda Johnson, “a brilliant, holistic doctor with a complicated history in Harlem where, as much as she tries to stay far from trouble, it seems to always find her.” Comics fans may recognize Tilda Johnson’s name as the minor supervillain known as Nightshade.

Mustafa Shakir (The Deuce, The Night Of) will play John McIver, “a natural leader, brimming with charisma, whose mission is focused on Harlem and vengeance.” In the comics, McIver is known as the supervillainous Bushmaster.

“I can’t wait for audiences to see the compelling paces we put both Mustafa and Gabrielle through,” Luke Cage executive producer and showrunner, Cheo Hodari Coker said in a statement. “From the moment you see each of them on screen, I feel they will be powerful additions to the world of Marvel and Harlem’s Luke Cage.”

Also on the villain front, we know that Theo Rossi will also return as Shades, telling Parade that “Luke Cage is going down [in] season two.” Good enough for us!

Luke Cage Season 2 Episodes

Lucy Liu, who among other directing credits has helmed four episodes of Elementary, which she co-stars in, will direct the first episode of Luke Cage Season 2.

“What a thrill to collaborate with Marvel and Netflix, two industry titans, who paint our world with inspiring stories and beguiling characters,” Ms. Liu said in a statement (via Variety). “It is such an honor to work with such a passionate and fearless team.”

“When you’re dealing with a bulletproof man, it helps if you have a bulletproof director,” added Marvel’s Jeph Loeb. “Lucy brings a keen eye, a superb sense of story, and an obvious love of actors. She is rocking Luke Cage 2.”

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