Apple reportedly looking to price its next iPhone at $999


Apple reportedly looking to price its next iPhone at $999

Staying on the cutting edge has always been pricey, but it’s starting to get a little wild.

A report today in the New York Times suggest that Apple’s new high-end bezel-less iPhone is going to have quite the price bump, starting at $999. The price hike would undoubtedly be a rather significant one over past models. Unlocked models of the company’s current generation iPhone 7 start at $649 while the iPhone 7 Plus starts at $769.

Rumors have suggested that Apple will be releasing several new iPhones at this event including a version that looks cosmetically similar to current generation iPhones with updated internals and a completely new iPhone which features a nearly bezel-less display, infrared facial recognition unlock features, magnetic induction charging and a next-generation set of depth-sensing cameras.

Apple is expected to host an event next month showing off its latest iPhones and possibly other rumored new products including an LTE version of the Apple Watch and an update Apple TV capable of supporting 4K.

Apple is definitely going to have to show consumers some worthwhile features to justify the new iPhone’s hefty price increase over previous models, but other phone manufacturers have already been pointing to higher starting prices on their latest devices.

Yesterday, Samsung released its flagship Note 8 smartphone which boasts a similarly toned-down bezel and the company’s largest-ever phone screen; the device begins at $930. Samsung’s popular Galaxy S8 starts at $725.

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