Hit and Run: Netflix Orders Thriller Series by Fauda Creators


Netflix viewers have been enjoying the Israeli action thriller series Fauda, which showcases the war on terror from both Israeli and Palestinian perspectives. The series, which awaits its 2018 second season, garnered six Ophir Awards (Israel’s version of the Oscars and Emmys) and has gained acclaim for its realistic approach to the continuing conflagration. Consequently, Netflix has ordered new material from Fauda’s creators, notably series Hit and Run.

Netflix has increased the business it conducts with Fauda creators Lior Raz (who also stars on the series,) and Avi Isaacharoff, with the acquisition announcement of the duo’s new TV project Hit and Run. Compounding Netflix’s confidence in Raz and Isaacharoff, the streaming giant has given a straight to series order for another, untitled, project from the creative duo, making this a monumental doubleheader. As Netflix vice president of original content Cindy Holland states of Raz and Isaacharoff:

“Lior and Avi are excellent storytellers and we’re proud to expand our relationship with them. We’re drawn to the global vision they have for their projects, each infused with drama, urgency, and relevance to our modern era.”

Hit and Run will manifest as a more personally focused entry from Raz/Isaacharoff, centering on a happily married man whose wife is killed in a hit and run, which, on the surface, appears to be an accident. However, since Hit and Run is being described as a “political espionage thriller,” expect the layers of this tragic onion to be peeled episodically with action and intrigue. With the series currently in development, creators Raz and Issacharoff serve as executive producers, joined by Peter Principato, Itay Reiss and Kimberlin Belloni from Principato-Young Entertainment and David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman and Laurie Zaks from Mandeville Films.

Netflix’s other, untitled, Raz/Isaacharoff project will showcase the duo’s signature focus on espionage, this time centering on a “high-stakes global operation by the CIA and Mossad” in the hunt for a group considered “the world’s most wanted terrorists.” Creators Raz and Issacharoff will executive produce, with Peter Principato, Itay Reiss and Kimberlin Belloni from Principato-Young Entertainment.

Hit and Run and the untitled Raz/Isaacharoff project are currently in development, with no dates to announce. However, Fauda Season 2 is expected to arrive globally on Netflix in 2018, except for Israel and France.

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