Iron Fist Season 2 Confirmed


This article contains a major spoiler for the first season of Iron Fist. You might not want to read this unless you’ve finished all 13 episodes.

It’s official! Iron Fist Season 2 was confirmed during The Defenders panel at SDCC.

Finn Jones recently told us that Danny Rand’s origin story from the first season of Iron Fist was incomplete, and that it would take until the conclusion of The Defenders for him to fully embrace his superheroic destiny. 

He also told us that he hopes that Danny eventually gets a costume, including the “classic yellow mask,” but he knows that these Marvel Netflix shows prefer to let things happen organically. 

The thing with all of these shows is not that we’re shy to bring the costumes,” Jones said. “It’s that we want them to feel authentic when it does happen. Danny’s on this journey to understanding what his responsibility is. And throughout all of [Iron Fist] season 1, he was in no state of mind to put a suit on. That would’ve been ridiculous because he was not fully accomplished as the Iron Fist yet and he certainly didn’t have the right or the responsibility to be putting on a superhero costume. He needs to work his shit out. And certainly by the end of The Defenders, it will feel right.”

Iron Fist Season 2 Release Date

Since 2018 is already looking pretty full, with Luke Cage Season 2, Jessica Jones Season 2, and possibly Daredevil Season 3, it’s possible we won’t see Iron Fist Season 2 until 2019. We’ll update this as soon as there’s official confirmation.

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